Innovative program for restaurants drives in new customers

Aug 12, 2019

Brand new method on how a marketing agency is driving in high spenders into restaurants. Further information can be found at

Earlier today, Bell Media Group announced the release of unique service specifically for restaurants. They call it Digital Birthday Marketing - it's new New customer generation service, which has been implemented with a multitude of restaurants since January 2014, ranging from local to reputable national franchises. The main aim is to provide a marketing service that helps restaurants generate a consistent flow of new customers, more repeat business, and ongoing visibility and exposure.

Jason Bell, President at Bell Media Group, says: "We wanted to try something new with digital marketing that resulted in noticeable ROI for our clients.. As digital marketing is continually being adopted by businesses, today it seems to a lot of digital marketing agencies focus on spray marketing that markets to everyone, without producing a noticeable ROI. The results are inconsistent at best, and this is a problem because marketing to everyone wastes advertising dollars, which causes businesses to not attract their ideal customer."

Jason and his team have brought a new twist to an old school method that has worked tremendously well with restaurants-Birthday Marketing. Birthday marketing has typically been done with physical mail only targeting potential customers that are celebrating a birthday. The method works well because of the specificity of the customer causing high response.

However physical mail is expensive, and often it goes ignored without seeing the special message. Instead of physical mail, they have figured out how to drive in customers using social media. They target customers who are celebrating a birthday that live near their clients restaurants. Their innovative method accomplishes the core desire of what all restaurants want: more customers, more repeat business, top of mind brand awareness, consistently.

"Our service works 24/7 365 days a year. It's the digital billboard that doesn't sleep, helping you to drive a consistent flow of new business ongoing, says Jason"

Bell Media Group chose to make this move because they wanted to market to a specific customer: people who are celebrating a birthday. We choose to go down this route because most people dine out on special occasions, and celebratory occasions result in higher spend per transaction-which results into more revenue for restaurants.

Jason Bell also said- "We want to give our clients peace of mind knowing they have service that actually works, is cost effective, and leads to more business growth on a consistent basis. With Birthday Marketing, they have a fresh new approach to drive more new customers through the door, consistently.

If you'd like to know how your restaurant can increase sales, get more visibility and exposure, and drive in your highest valued customer on a consistent basis, simply visit here to find out more:

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