Innovative NOI Rebrands is now PropTech IQ

Apr 16, 2024

PropTech IQ, previously known as Innovative NOI, has launched its rebrand to improve services within the multifamily industry. The update includes a new name, logo, and website designed to make proptech evaluations more efficient. CEO Taylor Wiederkehr emphasizes the brand’s modern and intuitive approach.

FORT WORTH, Texas - April 16, 2024 - Innovative NOI, a pioneering third-party property technology validation provider for the multifamily industry, proudly announces its rebrand to PropTech IQ. This rebrand marks a key milestone in the company’s evolution, its expanded proptech impact reports, and its enhanced value proposition.

Founded in 2020, PropTech IQ is an independent validation provider whose purpose is to democratize access to property technology to all multifamily owners, developers, and managers, regardless of size. Traditionally, multifamily companies require an expensive pilot program when evaluating their property technology investments. However, PropTech IQ allows them to gauge property technology adoption faster and at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to its new name, PropTech IQ is thrilled to unveil its fresh brand identity, including logo, color scheme, website, and brand messaging. This full rebrand reflects the company’s modern solution for proptech evaluation and communicates its value proposition more intuitively.

“We provide a smarter way to evaluate proptech, and our new brand expresses that from the very first touchpoint,” said Taylor Wiederkehr, CEO and founder of PropTech IQ. “We’re excited about this clean, modern look as an entryway to the value we provide.”

Key highlights of the rebranding include:

New logo and visual identity: PropTech IQ’s new wordmark embodies the company’s forward-thinking approach to proptech analysis. The Q logo includes a missing piece, implying that PropTech IQ fills in a service that the industry has previously lacked. It’s all framed around a modern color palette and typography designed to convey energy and innovation in the multifamily industry.

Enhanced brand messaging: Along with the rebrand, PropTech IQ is introducing a refreshed brand narrative built to resonate with the multifamily industry. The narrative emphasizes the company’s mission to democratize proptech adoption, its vast expertise in the space, and the ease of its services.

Updated website: PropTech IQ’s digital presence has been updated with a new website to reflect the rebrand and the company’s evolved proptech impact analysis reports.

“We are incredibly excited about what the future holds for the multifamily industry and the role that PropTech IQ will play in that future,” added Taylor Wiederkehr. “We’ve been looking for a better way to express our value, and now we have it.”

To learn more about PropTech IQ and explore its refreshed brand identity, please visit

About PropTech IQ

PropTech IQ is the multifamily industry’s first independent property technology validation provider, built to democratize property technology. Their impact analysis reports communicate an impartial view of prospective property technology adoption—easily and affordably. By combining their unbiased approach, proprietary technology, and industry data, they help multifamily owners, operators, and developers see an accurate, real-time snapshot of exactly how new property technology will impact their community’s NOI and ROI.

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