Innovative Leg Muscle Stimulation Device Helps With At-Home Weight Loss Workouts

Dec 8, 2023

Do you struggle to burn calories and wish you had an easier option that you could use almost anywhere? BionicGym could be the answer to your prayers!

Imagine laying back to binge the new series of The Crown, and all the while you’re burning calories. Yep – you’re not dreaming.

This can be possible with the innovative BionicGym system which go around your legs and simulate a workout through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

So whether you're watching TV, gaming, or reading your favorite book, you can be burning calories and taking steps towards the body you've always wanted!

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The app & wrap connection you need in your life

The device is controlled with a mobile app that allows you to do cardio exercise in the comfort and safety of your own home. It is available in small or large sizes and comes with two BionicWraps, a control unit, a charger, and access to the app on either iOS or Android.

The creators of BionicGym understand that we all struggle to maintain gym memberships long-term - noting that, according to Lifehack, 90% of people abandon their gym regimen within three months. By providing an easy, at-home system, BionicGym removes barriers to exercise.

The BionicGym offer adjustable intensity levels to suit your fitness level and goals. Impulses can be calibrated from what equates to a gentle walk to an all-out running with the mobile app managing appropriate programs and settings. As the user increases the intensity, the strength of the impulses increase triggering ever stronger muscle contractions. The muscle contractions demand oxygen and fuel, so the heart rate increases to improve the blood supply. Users often experience breathlessness at higher intensities and, due to calorie burning, warm up and begin sweating.

Backed by 20 years of research & innovation

The product leverages 20 years of research by its inventor Dr. Crowe. The wraps target major muscle groups in your glutes and legs, stimulating the area most central to functional movement patterns - allowing you to work a wide range of muscles simultaneously.

Peer reviewed scientific journals which are available in the National Library of Medicine demonstrate the effectiveness of BionicGym. Showing for instance enhanced maximum aerobic capacity in active adults, calorie burn, and heart rate increases utilizing this form of electrical stimulation. Utilizing application-based programming and monitoring, BionicGym maintains user engagement and provide a well-defined trajectory towards achieving fitness goals.

The inventor of BionicGym, Dr. Louis Crowe, sees a future where the product can help to prevent many of the major health issues facing people today. “At BionicGym we intend to make the lives of many millions of people better. And we're off to a good start,” he says. Additionally, BionicGym always believes that the best way to lose weight is combination of exercise and diet.

Grab your BionicGym today and start burning calories effortlessly!

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