Innovative Crypto Convertible Bonds Provide Early RYO Coin Access & Equity

Mar 18, 2024

With this opportunity from Zenza Capital PTE, you can be among the first to get your hands on RYO Coin before the public listing!

Let's face it, you hear the word blockchain or cryptocurrency, and your eyes glaze over. There's too much jargon, and it's too much work to incorporate it into your daily life. But that's where RYO is different – because it's been built from the ground up to be accessible and easy to understand. And with this convertible bond from Zenza Capital PTE, you can get your hands on RYO Coin at the best possible price!

Get your low-cost RYO at

Backed by experts in the field

The bond has been assembled by a team of legal experts from Schulman Rogers in New York, Linklaters, and One Asia Lawyers in Singapore, and offers flexibility because you can choose to receive RYO tokens or acquire an equity stake in Zenza Capital PTE. As an added incentive, the bond pays 2% annual interest in RYO tokens before conversion.

“Our ultimate goal is to enable all users of RYO, regardless of gender, age, social class, and religion, to be treated equally with integrity, dignity and respect,” explains a spokesperson, noting that their focus is on efficient payments and everyday use cases. “We strive to be the safest, easiest-to-build-upon, and most widely used blockchain platform in the world.”

Easy to use & simple to understand

One of the main features of the RYO ecosystem is an intuitive digital wallet for secure storage and easy transfers, but it also offers a Global Mall e-commerce platform accepting RYO, other major cryptocurrencies, and credit cards.

In addition to this, it features a crypto ATM network, allowing for convenient buy-and-sell transactions through a familiar interface - making crypto more accessible to the average consumer seeking an alternative to traditional financial systems.

Do your bit for the environment

RYO uses innovative mining software that achieves 50% or higher reductions in energy consumption compared to typical crypto mining, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and responsible growth.

The spokesperson adds: “RYO’s state-of-the-art blockchain delivers maximum transactional capacity and unprecedented innovation by optimizing speed and employing future-proof security features. It will help address the plight of an estimated 2 billion people globally who do not have access to banks or other financial institutions - providing access to a mobile money market on its blockchain for fast, affordable and secure end-to-end transactions.”

If you're looking for a flexible digital currency project or a way to diversify your portfolio, you're in the right place!

You can choose the option that aligns best with your investment goals: 4,000 Convertible Notes per unit at the low price point of SGD 5,000 (125 JPY per token), or 10,000 Convertible Notes per unit at the lowest price point of SGD 10,000 (100 JPY per token).

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