Information Manipulation Book Reveals How Governments, Media Spread False News

May 24, 2024

Learn the real truth—the truth that has been deliberately kept from us—in Michael Dorfman’s new book Information Warfare – The Battle For Truth & Freedom.

How much of what is happening in the world do you really know? If you’ve only been depending on what the popular news shows have been showing, you’ve been deceived. The truth is that we’ve all been lied to—and are still being lied to. We are only told what government leaders corporations, and industries want us to know, for whatever reason. Even woke media still sleeps on the truth.

It’s time to truly wake up. Now you can with this new book at

Stop the misinformation

Michael J. Dorfman's Information Warfare – The Battle For Truth & Freedom uncovers how and why the government and several high-level organizations manipulate mass media and control information. Specifically, Dorfman explains how we are being programmed to believe specific narratives about climate change, the recent pandemic, and experimental vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, nutrition, and perpetual wars. Through a thinly veiled tactics they criticize, ridicule, and threaten anyone with an opposing or alternative view.

There is a POWER behind this information manipulation. We are being deliberately distracted from exploring the critical issues which is deliberately distracting people from waking up and exploring the critical issues that humanity is facing today.

Showing the truth

Dorfmans new book discussed the struggles of modern media focusing on fear and conflict between peoples and nations instead of promoting peace and mutual respect in the world. In his latest research, Dorfman explains that a new war has been raging for years—not, as most people suspect, on arms trading or weapons of war. Rather, governments compete to control public perception by controlling what information is presented on social media, television, and others.

As Dorfman writes, "As things stand now, unless and until we have honest, informed, and humane leaders, we cannot depend on those in power to turn things around and guide us toward a future we long for."

Worldwide social issues

Information Warfare – The Battle For Truth & Freedom: Why and How Governments, Corporations, Industries, and the Media Manipulate Information to Control What You See, Hear, and Do exposes how information has been manipulated since the health crisis in 2020. The public is only shown specific studies or data that strengthen the government’s agenda.

Dorfman encourages his readers to become more conscious of their belief systems and continue to analyze and discuss recent events. More importantly, he empowers readers to gain a clearer perspective on today’s issues without being bullied to silenced by the majority.

The book is for anyone seeking the TRUTH. Do you question or doubt the mainstream information on several of today’s critical world issues? If you’re interested in a brighter future for humanity and planet Earth, then this book is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

About Michael Dorfman

Michael Dorfman began his journey as an investigative author during the 1960s, when smoking cigarettes was considered healthy by everyone, including medical doctors. Dorfman found that between the 1940s and 1960s, there were thousands of studies that linked cigarette smoking with an increased risk of cancer. However, this information was withheld from the public “for their own good”.

Since then, Dorfman has made it his mission to show the public more truths that may be hidden from them. He ends, "Once people realize that information manipulation is being utilized on various critical issues today, by governments, corporations, institutions, and the mainstream media they will start questioning and doubting everything that doesn’t make sense and are attempts to strip us of our rights and freedoms."

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