Infinite Banking Book Shows How Whole Life Insurance Can Fund Your Car Purchase

Mar 1, 2024

With this ebook from ‘I Own My Bank®’ (IOMB), you can learn how to master the Infinite Banking Concept and become your own bank for new car purchases!

Wondering how to build generational wealth? Want to buy a new car without having to take out a crippling loan or a lease deal that leaves you thin on the ground every month?

The Infinite Banking Concept has your name on it. But what exactly is it? Well, it was created by R. Nelson Nash in his book, 'Becoming Your Own Banker,' and offers an alternative way to make large purchases without relying on a bank. Now you can learn all about it in this ebook from I Own My Bank (IOMB)!

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The ebook, titled "Drifting Away From Traditional Car Buying" by Chris Naugle, explains the Infinite Banking Concept and how it applies to car purchases. Naugle argues that the traditional education model relies on ill-founded knowledge centered on borrowing money from outside institutions. He unveils how much it costs to buy a car the traditional way, then contrasts this with the Infinite Banking Content approach.

The Infinite Banking Concept mirrors techniques used by wealthy individuals throughout history, like John Rockefeller, to build multigenerational wealth. It relies on taking out a whole life insurance policy and borrowing against it while still maintaining compound interest. According to IOMB, the policy's accumulating dividends and available cash value offer a pool of self-generated funds to draw upon for big purchases or investments.

When making large purchases like cars, many people struggle to get financing from traditional banks. The Infinite Banking Concept offers an alternative solution that provides you with ready access to your available cash value to fund purchases. Because whole-life policies are designed to cover you for your entire life, dividend payments can be made over time - allowing you to borrow against your own policy rather than depend on banks or other lending institutions.

Alongside the book, IOMB has created a workshop to provide greater clarity on infinite banking. It provides lifetime access to the information contained within the training. The on-demand format allows you to learn at your own pace while building an actionable plan to fund your next car purchase.

Discussing the training, one recent participant said: "This is an awesome company. The training allows you to plan your financial freedom. Excellent staff of people always willing to help answer any questions that may arise."

Do you want to make your life a whole lot easier when you buy your next car? Grab your copy of the ebook today!

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