Industrial Recycling: Reuse Electrical Parts and Equipment To Recover Investment

Nov 29, 2023

Does your business send all its old electrical components to the dump? If so, have a read of Electrical Power and Control’s (205-812-5402) guide and learn why recycling is a better option.

Despite all the literature and resources available on recycling and conservation, many businesses still don't know what to do with their old and obsolete electrical components, and as a result, a lot of them end up (incorrectly) at the dump. With its guide, Electrical Power and Control is aiming to change this paradigm.

In the guide, the Talladega, AL electrical company argues that your business should prioritize industrial recycling over traditional waste disposal methods. They believe that industrial recycling is not only better for the environment but also an opportunity for you to recover some of your investment.

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Why The Guide?

The guide comes in response to growing concerns about industrial waste and its impact on the environment and the economy. “Industrial waste, particularly from electrical parts, is a significant contributor when it comes to pollution and waste management costs,” explains an Electrical Power and Control spokesperson. “With our new report, we’re hoping to educate businesses about the hidden value in those assets they no longer need and thereby encourage them to recycle instead of dispose.”

How Does Industrial Recycling Work?

Typically, industrial recycling is a three-step process:

1) Collection & Sorting - During this step, electrical parts and other recyclables are brought to a facility and sorted based on their type and value. In most cases, a combination of manual labor and automation is used to divide the pieces and assess their worth.

2) Breaking Down & Stripping - Once the items have been sorted and appraised, they're then broken down into their constituent materials. More often than not, this will involve stripping away less valuable materials like plastics so that the precious materials can be accessed.

3) Recovery & Reuse - After the precious materials have been extracted, they're processed down to their raw form so they can be used in the production of new components. Usually, the facility can do this themselves, but in some cases, the job is outsourced to other companies.

Finding Value In Waste

Electrical Power and Control highlights some commonly discarded electrical components that have untapped investment recovery potential. For example, circuit boards, power cables, transformers, hard drives, and battery backups frequently contain precious materials like gold, silver, copper, lead, and aluminum, which can be extracted and used for other purposes.

The expert also notes that many electrical components can be refurbished for use by other businesses and organizations. Circuit boards and power cables, if in good condition, can be used in several different settings without the need for adapters or limiters. Similarly, things like hard drives can be wiped clean in order to store new files, the team says.

It's The Eco-Friendly Thing To Do

In addition to being an effective way of recovering your investment, saving costs, and generating revenue, Electrical Power and Control points out that industrial recycling is an easy way for your business to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and help conserve some of the planet’s resources.

“With industrial recycling, your business is effectively turning its waste into profit,” said the company spokesperson. “If you can do this while also helping address some of the existential challenges we face, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Electrical Power and Control Can Help

As part of their services, Electrical Power and Control purchases new, used, and overstocked electrical surplus items from the public and private sectors. If your business has an excess inventory they encourage you to give them a call or fill out the form on their website to schedule an evaluation.

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