Indie Audiobook Production Company Offers 50/50 Royalty Share, No Upfront Fee

May 25, 2023

Have you ever written a book that you wanted to turn into an audiobook? Now you can with Write My Wrongs’ audiobook production and narration service!

Imagine hearing all those words you painstakingly typed come to life in the form of an audiobook! Well, now you don't have to imagine it; you can do it, thanks to Write My Wrongs!

Their audiobook production and narration service expands your revenue streams by converting your written work into professionally narrated audiobooks. The audiobooks are available on all major platforms, including Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

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In the last decade, audiobooks have become the fastest-growing format in the publishing industry. In 2022 alone, over 74,000 new audiobooks were published in the United States. While this presents lots of opportunities, it also underscores the importance of having content that stands out. Write My Wrongs’ service helps you create audiobooks that are not only professional in quality but also unique in voice.

The service starts with a production phase in which Write My Wrongs partners with you to audition potential narrators for your project. Once decided, the narrator records the audio in a professional studio. As portions of the audio are recorded, they’re sent to Write My Wrongs for editing, and then to you for final approval.

Once the audio has been finalized, Write My Wrongs also looks after the publishing of the audiobook. During this process, they will create the cover art, ensure that all formatting guidelines are being followed, and upload the master file to the necessary platforms. Again, they will collaborate closely with you on all aspects of this process.

Write My Wrongs offers its audiobook service in three different packages. The first package requires you to pay both the narrator’s fee and a project management fee upfront. The second package involves a 50/50 royalty share in which you and the narrator split earnings from the book, and you pay only the project management fee upfront. With the third package, you provide your own professionally recorded audio files, bypassing the narrator fees and royalty sharing, and lowering the cost of the project management fee.

Turning your written work into an audiobook is a very smart business move if you want to expand your revenue streams. By creating an audiobook you increase your visibility on book-selling platforms, you market your book to non-readers who may be more inclined to listen to audio, and you also give a boost to your physical book sales. Many dyed-in-the-wool readers are also switching to audiobooks as their preferred format, so it behooves you to try and offer them your book in this format.

To date, Write My Wrongs has already helped thousands of authors turn their written work into high-quality audiobooks. They have completed projects for The New Panic Room Radio Show, a radio show discussing horror, writing, and writers.

“Just imagine your wonderfully crafted, meticulously edited words brought to life by a professional audiobook narrator,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Launching your work as an audiobook not only gives access to a whole new customer base, it’s a terrific opportunity to market your book all over again.”

You can learn more about Write My Wrongs’ audiobook production and narration service by filling out the form on their website. The form will ask for basic personal information, a progress report on your book, and a sample of your writing. Once received, a member of the Write My Wrongs team will reach out to discuss your project.

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