Indexed Universal Life Insurance Benefits & Calculator: 2023 IUL Pros & Cons

May 30, 2023

Struggling to understand the different types of life insurance available for you and your family? The guide from Indexed Universal Life offers a personalized policy calculator along with a list of IUL benefits and drawbacks.

The idea of life insurance may not be the happiest thought you've had today, or this week. At the same time, you want to make sure your loved ones are fully covered and cared for in any situation.

The online guide from Indexed Universal Life explains the way in which indexed life insurance offers advantages for you and your family, such as a cash value component that is linked to the stock market index.

More details can be found at: What Is IUL

With guidance, you can determine which type of life insurance is most appropriate for your personal circumstances. The guide explains key ways in which indexed life insurance varies from more common types of life insurance, such as whole life insurance and universal life insurance.

Life insurance provides a way for you to ensure that your loved ones will be compensated and cared for if something happens to you. Although 70% of Americans believe that life insurance is necessary, only 54% actually have some form of life insurance coverage. The information from Indexed Universal Life includes a calculator to help you through the process of determining whether indexed universal life insurance is right for you: IUL Calculator

An IUL policy provides death benefit protection during your lifetime, alongside a cash value component. While all types of life insurance include a cash value component, the difference between IUL and other forms of insurance is that the IUL cash component is linked to stock market performance.

Because it is linked to the stock market, an IUL has the opportunity to earn greater amounts of interest than the cash component of whole life insurance or universal life insurance policies. A company spokesperson says: “The return within an IUL policy is based on an underlying market index. Because of this, the returns within an IUL policy can be higher—sometimes much higher—than that of a whole life insurance policy that only calculates the interest on a set rate.”

Indexed universal life insurance also offers particular benefits if you are a retiree. These benefits include stability of principal, a buffer against investment risk, and tax diversification. More information can be found here: IUL In Retirement

The expert insurance team at Indexed Universal Life is on hand to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding life insurance and the policy selection process.

Further details can be found at: IUL vs Whole Life

Don't leave your family without coverage: contact Indexed Universal Life today!

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