Independent Medicare Agents Can Get Free Sales Training From This Leading FMO

Jun 8, 2024

Are you selling Medicare as an independent agent? Trusted American Insurance Agency can help with a wide range of resources and provider-specific trainings, allowing you to easily diversify your offerings.

Freedom & Independence In Medicare Sales

Medicare sales can be a great way to thrive in the insurance market without committing to a single provider. Life as an independent broker can be extremely freeing if you are already established in-house in the insurance industry, not to mention much more lucrative. However, the road to independence is long, and you will need help if you want to stay successful as a freelance broker.

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For example, you will need back-office support, you will need certifications, and you will need a website. Luckily for you, however, all of that can easily be found with the help of the Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA).

Getting To Know The TAIA

For several years now, TAIA has been offering direct support to independent Medicare brokers across the industry in the form of certification, resources, and training. Now, you can take advantage of their services by attending live, online training sessions dedicated to helping you expand your portfolio of offerings and keep your independent brokerage competitive in an ever-growing industry.

Live Training

These training sessions for independent brokers are available via Zoom and require pre-registration to attend. The event schedule is announced a month in advance to ensure you have the necessary time to prepare; a full regularly updated event schedule is available on the TAIA website.

These live training sessions are delivered alongside a wide range of field marketing and support services available through TAIA. Whether you are new to the industry, or an established broker looking to diversify, TAIA is the place to go for all the necessary resources.

Get Certified

The agency offers not only the product-specific training necessary to make moves in the market but also the certifications and information required to become independent in the first place. They offer a comprehensive onboarding procedure which will culminate in you being awarded agency-specific licensing and your writing number, after which sales can begin in earnest.

Back Office Support

You can also rely on TAIA for back-office support, including web development and marketing. When you partner with the company, you will be able to create a website using modern, mobile-friendly templates designed to support custom branding and provide a long-term home for your services online.

A spokesperson explained, “We believe all independent insurance agents should be able to find success without the constant struggle. That is why our mission is to provide independent agents with the tools and services needed to succeed in the Medicare marketplace.”

Partner With TAIA

If you are interested in partnering with TAIA as an independent agent can do so by applying at the link below. There, you can also find a wide range of free resources regarding how to enter the industry independently, establish a business plan, and market a variety of Medicare services.

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