Increase Your Sleep To Burn Calories Hypnosis Weight Loss Indiana New Report Launched

Oct 18, 2016

Learn how sleep can affect your weight loss and help you to burn more calories with ease in the latest weight loss report from the Indiana Hypnosis Center, which specialises in helping people to cut out bad habits through hypnosis.

  • increase your sleep to burn calories hypnosis weight loss indiana new report lau
  • increase your sleep to burn calories hypnosis weight loss indiana new report lau

The Indiana Hypnosis Center, a center for helping people to cut their bad habits and manage their lives better through hypnosis, has launched a new report on how sleep can affect weight loss. The weight loss secrets from a hypnotist focus on how getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night has been proven to be more beneficial to weight loss than when people get less sleep.

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The report uses research conducted by the University of Chicago to analyse the effect of going to bed on time. In the study, it showed that people sleeping between eight and eight and a half hours per night lost about the same amount of weight as people who slept five hours per night, but the weight they did lose was half pure fat. This was not the case with the participants who had less sleep.

In addition to this, the report explains that sleeping allows people to burn more calories, based on a study produced by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Their work showed how people with mote sleep had a resting expenditure that was five per cent higher than tired people, and they burned more calories after meals than their low sleep counterparts.

The Indiana Hypnosis Center report underscores that there are a number of tips people can use if they want to work towards achieving a better sleeping pattern to improve their weight loss regimen. The first is to be specific, setting a concrete time for going to bed rather than leaving it open or improvising. It also advises turning off electronic devices an hour before going to bed, because people sleep better if they avoid lit screens and mental stimulation.

The Indiana Hypnosis Center also recommends that people resist napping, because while they are an effective way to catch up on rest, if people are adapting to a new schedule it's important to stay awake while they get used to it.

The full report can be found by clicking on this link

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