Increase Website Visitor Engagement & Conversions With Multilingual AI Chatbot

May 22, 2024

AI Cerebral Marketing adds an innovative layer to your prospecting, lead generation, and content marketing, combining the power of AI with a human touch!

With this powerful solution from AI Cerebral Marketing, you can engage your leads, schedule more meetings, and fuel your growth across different platforms. It's the ultimate AI-powered prospecting tool, but is combined with a human touch that can really elevate your marketing efforts!

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Expand your business

The AI-driven marketing tool can help you increase your reach across your website, SEO efforts, email marketing campaigns, and through prospecting outreach    •such as messages sent via SMS or through customer calls.

More and more businesses are starting to add AI tools to their standard workflows, especially among marketing teams and those in the advertising field. According to Semrush, in 2023, 37% of professionals working in this sector had already embraced the use of AI tools, and this number continues to rise steadily.

Perfect for every business

Regardless of your size, AI Cerebral Marketing's cutting-edge service can help you build more meaningful connections with your audience. The tool can analyse consumer behavior, preferences, and intent - and you can use the data to create highly personalised and engaging experiences, which are more likely to result in converted sales.

To begin using the Saatchi tool on your site, you just add a single line of code and the system will integrate into your existing infrastructure, operating in the background. It continuously studies visitor behavior and all interactions and data can be synced through your CRM or used as part of the social media content creation process.

Build your audience

Saatchi interacts with web visitors, gaining a better understanding of their requirements and guiding them through the sales funnel - and based on their actions, the system can engage them through SMS, email, and phone calls, helping to increase booked appointments.

It is also fluent in 95 languages, meaning it can support you in your efforts to expand your global reach.

Elevate your visibility

A spokesperson states: "AI Cerebral Marketing excels as a proficient traffic generator by curating and disseminating tailored content across your website and social platforms. This elevates online visibility, amplifies social media-driven traffic, and enhances search rankings."

With this tool running in the background, you can really boost visitor engagement and make more sales!

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