Increase University Profitability Margins With This Trusted Bill-Saving Service

Dec 13, 2023

Is your university overpaying on expenses related to energy, utilities, internet, and security? Recession Resister’s smart technology and expert team of negotiators can address your rates one by one, lowering your bills and increasing your profit margins.

With more and more colleges and universities announcing budget cuts to regain fiscal stability, it’s time to look at what advances in technologies can do to uncover wasteful spending and increase profit margins. After all, if institutions are unable to get their finances in order, the people bearing the brunt will be the students whose academic programs, support services, and athletics programs may get the chop.

Here's a pro tip from data-driven expense reduction platform Recession Resister: You are likely overpaying for many of the services your university or college uses every day.

But how do you know where these overages exist? And even if you identified potential savings, who on your team has the experience to negotiate with providers? With the Bill Saver service provided by Recession Resister, a team of negotiation experts use today's technologies to instantly uncover deals and savings. They work to reduce your bills so your admins can sit back and enjoy a boost in overall profits.

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Recession Resister is a cost-efficient bill savings option your university can quickly and easily implement as part of a broader financial optimization strategy. The tool reduces your operational expenses by providing bill auditing, bill negotiation, energy auto-switching, energy efficiencies, and comprehensive tax savings services. Can you afford not to maximize your profitability margins in this way?

With Recession Resister, you can easily optimize your budget management and risk management during economic volatility by ensuring you're benefiting from the best available deals from all your service providers.

“Recession Resister does what the name implies. We buffer clients from the impacts of recession, and inflation, by ensuring they benefit from the lowest possible rates on a range of operational expenses. Our service is convenient and cost-effective and can save companies the people-hours it would require for staff to try to address each expense on their own."


Recession Resister is a three-step process. First, you'll be asked to send your monthly bills, including cable, wireless, internet, satellite, and security, to the negotiations team. Next, the team negotiates rates with each of your providers to reveal all potential savings. Finally, when you move forward you pay Recession Resister 50% of the savings you've received. If there are no savings identified and secured, there are no fees.

By managing the bill reduction process and securing maximum savings, funds can then be redirected to areas that contribute to your university's academic programs, athletic programs, and student support.

The tool performs the following expense-savings activities on your behalf:

  • negotiates monthly bills down to an acceptable rate,
  • finds the best energy option and helms an auto-switch service,
  • explores energy efficiencies to cut HVAC costs, walk-in cooler or reach-in cooler costs, and more, and
  • audits years’ worth of bills to identify errors or overcharges.

You'll be able to make informed decisions about your institution's expenditures without interrupting your day-to-day administrative operations.

Recession Resister offers you an automatic, cost-efficient solution you can implement to eliminate wasteful spending on operational expenses so that, in turn, you can begin boosting profitability margins for continued financial sustainability.

If you believe you're paying more than you should be for your university's monthly expenses like utilities, communications, security and more, reach out and connect with a Recession Resister consultant. Learn more or get in touch now, at

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