Increase Teacher Retention In Waskom By Supporting School Chaplaincy Training

Nov 28, 2023

With chaplains now welcome in all schools in Texas, the National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299) wants you to show your support for your teachers and students by gifting them access to this powerful and uplifting service.

A school chaplain who has been trained and certified by the National School Chaplain Association offers your school a unique opportunity to stop the crisis of teacher burnout and turnover.

Following the passing of the Chaplain Bill in the State of Texas earlier this year there has been a groundswell of support for the work of the school chaplain, an essential part of the school community that the NSCA believes can vastly improve both mental health and educational outcomes for students. Now, the governing chaplaincy body is doing outreach in Waskom and Harrison County and is interested in showing your school how chaplains can also have a deeply positive impact on your members of staff. 

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The National School Chaplain Association is pleased to be offering trained and specialized chaplains to your school as a way in which you can improve the welfare of your teachers and increase your teacher retention. As the latest figures from—a non-profit news organization that covers public education matters—reflect, in 2023, teacher turnover has reached its highest level in recent decades, spiking to 12%. 

The NSCA knows that poor teacher retention negatively affects your school and your students, breaking continuity and contributing to a cyclical culture of burnout amongst those teachers that decide to stay. As the editorial team at explained, with many school districts facing the problem of more teachers leaving the profession than joining it, much more needs to be done to nurture and support teachers both in the early stages of their career and throughout their professional life. 

The National School Chaplain Association is confident that the integration of one of their trained and certified school chaplains into your school community will have precisely this effect. 

As a spokesperson for the association explained, “People want to work where they’re cared for and valued as a person, not just a cog, and school chaplains are a great way to do that. A school chaplain is an impartial listener who brings a compassionate heart and a discerning ear. Chaplains are perceived as peers and a member of your team who voluntarily engages with others to establish close relationships, becoming an ally when they need a confidential partner to walk with them through difficult life situations.” 

You can access more evidence on the benefits of school chaplains at 

As the NSCA also explains, now that any public or private school in the State of Texas can contract a chaplain to work in their school, there are new opportunities for teachers, school heads and concerned parents and community members like yourself to lobby your school district for the services of a NSCA-trained and certified chaplain. 

A spokesperson for the chaplaincy advocacy association said, “By hiring a school chaplain, you are investing in your teachers’ future, mitigating educator burnout and keeping teachers in classrooms.” 

If your school is in crisis, so much of what happens in your school community begins with your teachers. Now, you have a new way to support them with the NSCA.

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