Increase Sales & Close More Deals With This Real Estate Lead Generation Program

Sep 21, 2021

Are you a real estate agent looking for a system to help you increase and manage your leads? ReferZip offers affordable options, done-for-you technological integration, and DIY training videos so you can start closing more deals right away!

Future-proof your real estate business – quickly and reliably secure more opportunities in your region with this top-rated lead generation program! This program has been called the “Tesla” of Lead generation for Real Estate Brokers.

This program offers agents like you an efficient, affordable, and reliable system to help you not only generate leads but also enjoy the benefits of done-for-you technological integration.

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This new system offers an inexpensive and sure-fire flow of leads for real estate agents like you, looking to up your home-selling game. Amongst a variety of models, the program offers leads for as little as $10 each and a 10 percent fee at closing.

The program will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on doing your best work selling homes. Furthermore, the program allows you to protect your business into the future by helping you create a steady, dependable pipeline of opportunities.

The program offers a pay-per-lead model where leads are available from $10 to $50 each, and referral fees are only 10 to 25 percent at closing. The program also offers free leads which have not been previously claimed.

You can set up an account in just one to five minutes. There is a money-back guarantee on every referral, each referral includes dozens of helpful details, and every lead is verified via a soft background check and SMS opt-in.

The program allows you to pick and choose the types of leads you want, their locations, and the price points and referral fees you find acceptable.

RealLeads offers performance-based rewards: the more you stay on top of your leads, the more priority you get; the more deals you close, the more free leads you can get; and you can earn priority in your top zip codes. It also provides resources such as work-automation apps and do-it-yourself training videos.

A satisfied agent has said: “We work in a niche market that caters mostly to home buyers who are 55-plus years old, and I haven’t been able to find any company that can provide solid opportunities, up until now. You guys rock! I love the support and transparency you give!”

Chances are, if you have bought leads from the big companies, you have bought leads from the founders of this new program, Darren Johnson and Juan Gabriel Molina. Darren and Juan have spent their careers supplying leads to the “Big Guys”… Zillow,, AgentPronto,, etc..

RealLeads innovative referral program has the flexible options and done-for-you technological support you need!

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