Increase Remote Work Productivity & Staff Retention With Virtual Remote Desktops

Feb 3, 2023

Do you want to automatically deploy and manage virtual desktops for your team? It doesn’t get better than this cutting-edge system from Biztek Solutions, in partnership with NetApp!

Increase Remote Work Productivity & Staff Retention With Virtual Remote Desktops

Let’s face it, remote work is the future. That means you need to be prepared, and have the right system in place to provide your team with the best remote-desktop service.

Thanks to the new partnership between Biztek Solutions and NetApp, your team can get the full Windows 10 experience on any device connected to the internet. You can rest assured that your staff is equipped with all the tools they need for increased productivity.

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The latest research shows that 16% of worldwide companies have made the switch to fully remote work in 2021, brought about by the ongoing health crisis. Now, thanks to Biztek Solutions, more business owners can complete the transition.

Around 77% of remote workers see an increase in daily productivity, and the number of home-based work opportunities is set to rise throughout next year. To meet demand for flexible work roles and to provide the best service, it’s important for you to leverage the latest cloud innovations.

Through the new partnership, you can securely enable a remote-workforce solution. This can be managed and controlled from an SaaS-delivered control panel.

Biztek’s Virtual Desktop Service is an extension of the cloud that provides greater flexibility for your company. It is a direct solution for many of the IT and work-related challenges that you face by incorporating remote work as part of your operations.

With legacy desktop solutions, you risk compromising employee productivity. Your business can also lack agility when trying to manage multiple users.

With its flexible Virtual Desktop Service, Biztek allows you to deploy and manage desktops across all cloud environments. It helps to automate workspace deployment while reducing overall cloud infrastructure costs.

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BizTek Solutions is a highly regarded IT outsourcing specialist known for fast response and high levels of customer satisfaction.

A spokesperson for the company states: “By partnering with our clients in their business, we deliver solutions that increase efficiency, communication, and collaboration that allows them to grow and achieve greater success through the use of the right technology.”

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and optimize your remote-work experience? Get in touch with Biztek Solutions today!

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