Increase Brand Recognition Boost Authority Get More Local Customers Video Marketing Report Launched

Oct 7, 2016

Discover how video marketing and expert interview tools from Local Buzz Connect can help to boost your visitors, sales and audience by attracting more customers and driving sales through exposure on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

A new report has been launched by video marketing specialists, Local Buzz Connect, which has developed a video strategy for getting across the business message for companies in any niche and attracting more local customers. The report showcases the power of video marketing for Cincinnati companies and explains that Local Buzz Connect prides itself on getting towns talking about local businesses, attracting more interest, improving brand awareness for its clients and helping them establish themselves online.

More information can be found on the company website at:

Local Buzz Connect allows even those business owners inexperienced in video marketing, creation and editing the chance to use the medium as a way to get their business message out into the world. Once the video has been launched, it can then be shared on social media and spread around the local town as well as internationally.

The company says that using video can show customers that the business is for real. It gives the business owner chance to establish themselves as an authority in their field, and talk to customers directly. This helps to establish visual trust, and encourages the customer to make a buying decision.

Clients in Cincinnati can create an expert interview style video that presents them as an authoritative voice, getting across the importance of the business's message or its products with ease. Local Buzz Connect then syndicates the interviews online, immediately giving impact and exposure to the client it is working with.

Some of the biggest benefits of making use of video marketing include boosting trust between the business and its clients and gaining additional traffic as well as sales. Numerous customers remain skeptical about buying online, because of the fear of being cheated. But by seeing the business and its staff in video form, they are more likely to trust them and buy their products or services.

The videos also allow companies to increase their audience by attracting visitors from highly popular video sharing sites like YouTube and other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Full examples of expert videos in action can be found at:

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