Improve Your Sales Team Productivity With a HubSpot & NetSuite Integration

Feb 10, 2023

Does your business struggle to keep its HubSpot and NetSuite information integrated? Would you like to increase your sales team’s productivity and eliminate human errors? Then you need Commercient’s cloud-based data integration platform.

Improve Your Sales Team Productivity With a HubSpot & NetSuite Integration

If you’ve ever lost revenue due to incorrect data being transferred between your HubSpot and NetSuite systems, you’ll know how important accurate and up-to-date information can be. That’s why Commercient developed fast and efficient data integration apps for businesses.

The service offers a bi-directional exchange of information between HubSpot and NetSuite to give sales and accounts teams better visibility of your business’s customers and inventory.

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By integrating your business’s ERP and CRM systems, Commercient can connect and SYNC key sales information, such as customer details, contacts, deals, orders, invoices, and shipping locations.

While you probably have several systems in place to manage your business, the lack of communication between them can cause financial losses due to missed details or lost data. Furthermore, if your business has a limited budget, affording IT teams to manage and program case-by-case integrations is not an option. To address this need, Commercient developed cost-effective data integration apps that connect ERP and CRM.

There are integrations available for more than 100 ERP and CRM systems (and counting), including their HubSpot and NetSuite integrations. The data integrations remain connected for continuous transfers with cloud-based storage to ensure key information is always up-to-date and available for your system’s users.

Once implemented, Commercient's integrations allow your sales and accounting teams to optimize their productivity by having accurate inventory and customer management details on hand. Additionally, the streamlined system helps reduce human error, such as double data entries, which can lead to costly corrections.

The HubSpot to NetSuite integration features can SYNC details covering your promotions, invoices, sales orders, bills of materials, and more. For inventory management, it can monitor your product details and distribution, as well as pricing and sales figures. A video exploring the data integration's features in more detail can be found here

Commercient’s integrations are available in a range of pricing options depending on your business’s number of required integration points, users, and frequency. This customizable service can therefore grow alongside your business, expanding to meet your needs and budget. You can learn more about the company’s pricing and integration options here:

A spokesperson for Commercient said, “Our system ensures that you have access to accurate, complete, and up-to-date data in your NetSuite ERP and HubSpot CRM to improve your business’s income, leads, and credibility.”

Improve your sales and accounts team's productivity with seamless NetSuite and HubSpot integration!

For more information, you can visit where you can find details on Commercient’s services.

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