Improve Your Medicare Sales With Free Agent Training From This Top Brokerage/FMO

Jun 7, 2024

Struggling to close deals selling Medicare and need to brush up on your negotiation skills? Want some backup for all that tiresome paperwork? Reach out to Trusted American Insurance Agency (844-998-7878) and partner with a supportive FMO that understands the challenges of field sales.

Have you hit the wall when it comes to selling Medicare? Been in the game a long time and finding that you're spending more time on admin than actually closing deals?

Get the training and back-office support you need to take your health insurance sales to the next level by partnering with Trusted American Insurance Agency! More details at

Over A Decade Of Helping Agents Succeed 

Enjoy admin support, regular business strategy coaching, carrier training, and access to a free customer relationship management system. With over 15 years of experience in the Medicare field, the agency is committed to helping agents like you improve your sales performance and grow your independent business.

Less Paperwork - More Profit

The services help you focus more on sales and spend less time on time-consuming paperwork and case management. With a dedicated back-office support system, TAIA affords you more time to generate more contacts and close deals more effectively. You receive customized business plan coaching along with leadership mentoring from insurance industry experts.

Keep 100% Of Your Commission

The agency guarantees accuracy in all of its administrative tasks including the management of client claims and your book of business. As a TAIA partner, you keep 100% of your commission fees and can access a steady stream of top-tier contracts with leading providers on both a local and national level. You can monitor your commissions via an online Commission Inquiry form too.

Free Turnkey Website

TAIA's support solutions also include website building and management which come without charge for newly contracted agents for the first six months. The web pages are customizable and offer you a turnkey and compliant domain for attracting new clients.

Access A Network Of Carriers

Take advantage of TAIA's regular training seminars including carrier events from providers like Allstate Health Insurance and Aetna. Recent events offered training for determining eligibility for the low-income subsidy program while the agency's blog series offers news, tips, and guides.

Your Own CRM

The A3 Agent Portal gives you an advanced CRM system including an instant quoting tool that offers fast and accurate costings to assist with the sales process. The portal also contains marketing templates for social media ads, cross-selling letters, and seminar flyers alongside a library of sales scripts.

A TAIA spokesperson says, “We believe no one should have to hustle so much to make a living. That’s why we partner with you, giving you the tangible support you need to be successful. Complete our agent onboarding process and start taking advantage of our back-office support (and other free resources too), and start selling more.”

Become a better broker with Trusted American Insurance Agency!

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