Improve Your Life Quit Smoking Achieve Goals Hypnotherapy Report Launched By Richard Barker

Dec 6, 2016

Discover why celebrities like Lily Allen and Matt Damon are using hypnotherapy to their advantage and learn how you can improve your life through Richard Barker’s personal or group hypnotherapy sessions in his new report.

  • improve your life quit smoking achieve goals hypnotherapy report launched by ric
  • improve your life quit smoking achieve goals hypnotherapy report launched by ric

A new report has been launched on the benefits of hypnosis following the popularity of celebrity sessions. Written by Richard Barker, a popular hypnotist renowned around the world for his work with thousands of clients, it emphasises that hypnosis has been used by celebrities and high profile figures for a range of different reasons, including weight loss, stopping smoking, overcoming fears and personal development.

More information can be found on Richard Barker's website at:

Richard Barker has spent the last 20 years working with thousands of different clients across the world, and has entertained audiences of any size. He also works with individuals and teams, helping their performance whether athletically or personally in any aspect of their lives.

His official website explains that his approach to hypnotism is fresh and unique, bringing many new angles to the medium. He has said that when he does stage shows, it's not about embarrassing people, but helping them to enjoy the experience as much as the audience does.

Hypnotherapy has been a valuable resource in the lives of celebrities for years, and has played a major role in many accomplishments of successful business people. The report indicates that these days it has become more mainstream, with famous names like Lily Allen, Sophie Dahl, Orlando Bloom and Olivia Munn having used it for different goals.

In addition to this, actors like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Samuel L Jackson and Winona Ryder have used hypnotherapy as a way to stop smoking, and Ashton Kutcher and Sylvester Stallone have experienced personal development achievements due to enjoying hypnotherapy.

Richard Barker has worked with a number of high profile figures himself, and is open to working with individuals and groups. He has been featured on the Late Late Show with James Cordon and The Today Show, and prided himself on his work with clients and helping them to improve their lives in whatever way they feel they need to.

A personal portfolio is available on his website, and there is a contract form where interested parties can get in touch.

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