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Jul 27, 2023

Find your bliss and build resilience with the MORE JOY membership program by Donnalynn Riley! Her emotional intelligence community helps you find your spark again so that you live each day with love, hope, and gratitude.

In today’s world, it may be difficult to choose yourself. We are constantly told that we need to “be” someone else: the perfect employee, the perfect parent, the perfect spouse. But we are never told to be our perfect, most genuine selves.

But the thing is, being who we truly are helps us be better people to our loved ones. Without true love given to ourselves, without the bliss of being US, we will never be able to give to others.

Choose YOU today. Choose more love. Choose MORE JOY.

Donnalynn Riley, a light worker and spiritual advisor, leads you to a path of wellness with her MORE JOY membership program. The positivity community empowers you to find joy again and raise the collective vibrations of the world.

The MORE JOY membership includes weekly remote healing sessions, weekly coaching, weekly blissings (the experience of finding bliss), personal wishes and intentions guidance, a supportive community, and a searchable on-demand library. The program has been created for people looking to find an emotional connection with themselves and others.

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Donnalynn Riley's program incorporates lessons on psychology, energetics, quantum biofeedback, the law of attraction, business, marketing, metaphysics, wealth creation, and nutrition. To her, finding joy is not just a change in mindset, but the complete overhaul of your being, including what you eat and do daily.

She explains that nowadays, more people than ever before feel overwhelmed with their lives. There is constant pressure to appear “perfect”, especially for working women who are expected to take care of their children, work a full-time job, and be loving spouses all at the same time. This pressure accumulates until the person feels unfulfilled and stressed, despite the external validation that they should be “happy”.

Riley speaks from experience. She says that she built a public persona who appeared happy and successful, only to feel lonely and empty on the inside. Through constant research and mental health training, she realized that the key to experiencing a more enjoyable life was to seek and choose more joy.

It sounds simple, but choosing joy can be difficult, especially when we’re bombarded with everyday activities. But Donnalynn says that choosing joy is a process: Each day you hone your skills to become a more blissful person.

She created her MORE JOY membership program to inspire other people to find their joy again. Before enrolling, you will be asked to take a quick test to assess how happy you are currently and what you can do today to experience more happiness.

Riley says, "From a career in the Broadway Stage in NYC to being CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation, the highs have been significant, and the walk through the valley equally amplified right down to the loss of my husband and house all at once. Understanding how to live in this world joyously has been the guiding light that results in another beautiful day, every day. I know that you can learn this too and create a life you love; that's why I created the MORE JOY Membership."

Start enjoying life again with Donnalynn Riley!

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