Improve Sales Pipelines & Lead Nurturing With Best Service-Based CRM Software

Jun 22, 2024

Looking for the best CRM for service-based businesses looking to grow their audience and make more sales? BOOST CRM & Business Suite is the ideal solution!

As a service-based business, how you engage your audience and build your community is key – and doing the job right means using the best tools. That's where BOOST CRM & Business Suite comes in. It's the perfect CRM for all your content, marketing, and engagement needs!

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Nurture your list more effectively

VITAZA Digital has found through its own research that continued contact with customers is key to driving conversion. That's because the amount of customers who actually follow through with a purchase between the fifth and twelfth contact is around 80% – but only 2% buy after the first contact.

BOOST offers three pricing plans, beginning with the Business Toolkit package, priced at $97 per month, which can host up to 10,000 contacts. If you need more than that, the Business Accelerator package at $247 per month supports up to 100,000 contacts, while the Automatic Business package, at $697 per month, provides an unlimited contacts capacity.

Visually track leads & drive sales

The platform's sales pipeline management capabilities allow you to visually track the progress of leads through different stages of the sales process, enabling you to understand where each lead is in their journey and identify the necessary actions to move them forward.

BOOST also has a configurable notification system, so your sales teams can stay informed about significant lead actions. This means that whenever someone engages in predefined activities, such as opening an email or visiting a website, the CRM can instantly notify the relevant team members.

You can then use advanced lead scoring capabilities to evaluate and ranks leads based on criteria like engagement level, demographic fit, and buying signals, allowing you to prioritize your efforts and focus on the most promising opportunities.

Customize your communication for better results

BOOST also enables you to track individual customer behaviors and preferences, allowing for highly personalized communication, and enhancing overall customer experience and engagement.

An agency representative states: "From lead to loyalty - the lead generation process is just the beginning. With BOOST, you have a powerful CRM with fast setup, and it's easy to use, allowing you to drive brand awareness, make irresistible offers, and close deals more effectively."

The right CRM is key if you want to stand out, engage your community, and thrive in 2024 and beyond!

Check out to give BOOST a try and take your business to the next level!

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