Improve Sales Navigator Outreach With This Managed LinkedIn Optimization Service

Mar 12, 2024

Global Touch now offers customized B2B LinkedIn lead generation services to US companies looking to expand their reach. Get in touch today!

LinkedIn has over 700 million users globally. Of this number, over 200 million users are based in the United States alone. In light of this, Global Touch has brought its LinkedIn Pro Connection Service to the US to help local businesses create new business opportunities by helping them maximize their LinkedIn presence.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Expert

Global Touch is a digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including website design, social media management, SEO services, Google Ads campaigns, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more. It has elevated the brands of many small businesses, prioritizing human connections and the creation of long-term business partnerships.

Its specialty? LinkedIn profile management and lead generation, which are made available through its LinkedIn Pro Connection Service.

Expand Your Business Network In The US

By expanding its LinkedIn Pro Connection Service into the US, Global Touch seeks to become a global specialist in initiating, cultivating, and developing LinkedIn relationships that create new business opportunities for businesses across different sectors.

First introduced in 2023, Global Touch's niche digital media service has facilitated over 1000 meetings with C-Suite executives, business owners, and other business leaders, resulting in an average of 50-60 meetings with decision-makers and up to 20 new customers per client.

Attract and Convert Qualified Leads

Global Touch takes a methodical approach to B2B LinkedIn lead generation, implementing profile optimization, lead database building, post-campaign development, and relationship building to attract and convert qualified prospects. The digital marketing agency assumes responsibility for the majority of the work, carrying out all the initial outreach, qualification, and verification for clients.

In addition to delivering hundreds of new engaged contacts to clients' networks, Global Touch's LinkedIn Pro Connection Service saves a significant amount of resources, removing the need for an in-house LinkedIn team, and freeing up the time and money required to hire, train, and supervise that team.

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Tap into LinkedIn's massive pool of potential leads the hassle-free way with Global Touch's LinkedIn Pro Connection Service!

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