Impact Of Shark Finning On Marine Ecosystems Explained: Preserve Biodiversity

Jan 17, 2024

Sharks have been misrepresented for too long! Our oceans need sharks and Ever Wonder Adventure needs you! Join the campaign to ban shark finning, a barbaric practice that is destroying marine ecosystems quicker than we could have ever imagined.

When you hear the word “shark”, does your mind ultimately take you straight to the film ‘Jaws’? It’s a great film, but it’s also responsible for the terrible misrepresentation of sharks as man-eating villains. In fact, sharks pose minimal threat to humans. Ever Wonder Adventure is on a mission to change your view of sharks by explaining why we can’t live without them! 

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What is shark finning?

The report reveals the truth about shark finning, the act of removing fins from live sharks before discarding their damaged bodies back into the ocean. As explained by Ever Wonder Adventure, this practice is inhumane, resulting in sharks enduring a slow and agonizing death.

Why are sharks important?

Ever Wonder Adventure highlights the ecological importance of sharks, who play a significant role in maintaining the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. By regulating the populations of other species, such as seals and rays, sharks help to prevent imbalances, thus preserving the biodiversity of our ocean. In short, without sharks, the entire ocean would be tipped out of balance, resulting in too much algae, consequently killing coral reefs.

The experts at Ever Wonder Adventure also explain how the killing of sharks disrupts other marine animals in the food chain. “The removal of sharks would trigger an unchecked proliferation of their prey species,” says the report. “This uncontrolled growth would have a ripple effect, resulting in the decline of other species and an imbalance in the intricate marine food chain.”

Join the fight to end shark finning!

Ever Wonder Adventure needs your help! They are requesting an urgent call to action to ban the practice of shark finning. “The time has come for decisive action against the consumption of shark fins,” says the company. "We must utilize the power of strict laws and regulations to ban any practice that involves shark fin consumption." Ever Wonder Adventure urges everyone to stand against the culinary trend of shark fin consumption and hopes for a future where this is seen as a “shameful relic of the past."

How can I help?

To show your support, head over to Ever Wonder Adventure's online shop. Here, you will find a range of custom-made merchandise, including t-shirts, mouse pads and windbreaker jackets, sporting a ‘Save Our Fin-tastic Friends’ design. All proceeds go towards supporting Ever Wonder Adventure’s campaign to end shark finning and preserve ocean biodiversity.

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