Illinois Pouch Leak Detection Systems With Single Conveyor Configuration

Nov 29, 2023

If you’re a Midwest company looking for reliable and cost-effective product inspection and leak detection conveyors for your food & pharmaceutical products, Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850) in Illinois is your one-stop solutions shop.

Whatever your product, package, and client base, and whether you're a small, company, large company, closer to the farm, or closer to the fork, your products must be securely and safely packaged. They also need to be efficiently conveyed and precisely inspected for contents verification, the detection of potential foreign material, and package & labeling integrity.

At Pack & Inspect Group this is their specialty! Representing leading major manufacturers in this arena, (including METTLER TOLEDO product inspection products) Pack & Inspect Group provides the local, comprehensive expertise you can rely on for the selection and implementation of product packaging solutions.

In addition to METTLER TOLEDO inspection technologies, Pack & Inspect Group also handles SealTester MAP1 and MAP3 conveyors from Netherlands-based Fast Line Inspections! These are in-line leak detection solutions for food & pharmaceutical products that ensure an air-tight seal and total packaging integrity.

This video explains it all.

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If you need precise testing for pharmaceutical product packaging, you can't do better than SealTester technologies from Fast Line Inspections engineering company. This is a best-in-breed solution Pack & Inspect is proud to represent.

“Fast Line Inspections figured out how to leverage the Bernoulli principle to check for small leaks in flexible pouches of solid or liquid products. The company holds multiple US and European patents on their technologies, and is the proud manufacturer of cost-effective MAP1 and MAP3 in-line SealTester products.”

In-line inspection for pharmaceutical pouches and packages using MAP1 or MAP3 seal test and volume test technologies is a three-step process:

  1. Package heights are measured under a predefined pressure value.
  2. Maximum pressure is then applied to test for leaks without damaging the package.
  3. Results are compared and those that are not consistent indicate a leak.

This simple detection solution prevents compromised products from going to market, keeping your company's reputation intact.

The entry-level MAP1 SealTester uses a single conveyor mounted over a company’s existing conveyor to complete testing, allowing defects to be identified at a lower cost and with a smaller footprint.

MAP3 SealTester technology uses three consecutive conveyors and is capable of identifying leaks as small as 0.5mm depending on the size of the packaging. Installation of the MAP3 include both in-line and stand-alone options.

Both the MAP1 and the MAP3 are intuitive, ready-to-go systems made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and unmatched durability.

If you've opted for in-house seal inspections of your food & pharmaceutical products, or you're looking to replace outdated technologies, you can access some of the world’s most accurate, easy-to-implement detection solutions through the expert team at the Pack & Inspect Group.

About Pack & Inspect Group:

Representing major manufacturers of product inspection, fill and seal, and conveying solutions, Pack & Inspect Group offers comprehensive expertise to the Midwest market, assisting in the selection and implementation of advanced machinery that ensures food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products are safely and securely packaged.

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