Ice Free Physiotherapy Equipment for Equine and Human Recovery Launched by Zamar

Nov 8, 2018

United Kingdom-based company ZamarUK has launched its ice-free therapy units for equine and human physiotherapy for applications post-injury or post-exertion.

  • ice free physiotherapy equipment for equine and human recovery launched by zamar
  • ice free physiotherapy equipment for equine and human recovery launched by zamar
  • ice free physiotherapy equipment for equine and human recovery launched by zamar

United Kingdom-based Company Zamar has launched its proprietary ice-free therapy units for use in both equine and human maintenance and recovery applications. The units combine cryotherapy and thermotherapy in succession for optimum temperature controlled therapy post-exertion.

More information can be found here:

Zamar ice-free therapy units are used in physiotherapy for people post-injury and post-operative to help recover from soft tissue damage. The applications are also useful for athletes as they can assist with the post-exercise recovery process.

For horses, the Zamar equine therapy unit is designed to help horse owners maintain and rehabilitate their horses after injury and high performance work. The units will help to get horses back in peak condition and ready to perform again.

The therapy units work by combining cryotherapy and thermotherapy in a quick, controlled succession creating vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation. This method allows the unit to change temperatures from 40 degrees to 0 degrees in approximately 60 seconds.

The controlled use of warm and cold therapy can reduce recovery times by up to 60% and can promote faster reduction of the edema and increase elasticity. Each affected area is treated with the application of an anatomic wrap. The treatment is non-invasive and uses a pre-programmed touch screen to automatically set the temperature before attached.

The ice-free method is safer and more effective than traditional ice pack solutions. Due to its reversal refrigeration system and insulated pipes, temperature is transported efficiently with little loss of fluid.

Zamar’s online store ships all across the United Kingdom and provides a large selection of equine and human physio products for hire or purchase. In addition to the ice therapy units, the online store also sells all the required wraps, safety connectors, cover sheets and refill jugs of glycol.

The company is a trusted provider of equine and human physio equipment with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Interested customers can find more information about rental units and units for purchase at the link above.

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