Hydromer Inc. Leads the Medical Device Coatings Industry as Independently-Run

Jun 8, 2024

Hydromer Inc., an independent pioneer in hydrophilic medical device coatings, stands out in a market dominated by mergers and acquisitions due to their long-term vision and dedication to customer satisfaction.

In an industry often dominated by mergers and acquisitions, smaller independently run companies frequently outshine their competition. These companies succeed by emphasizing long-term value creation and absolute customer satisfaction. Hydromer Inc., a pioneer in the medical device coatings industry, exemplifies this success.

Hydromer Inc. is the original innovator of hydrophilic coatings and has stayed true to its independent roots and foundational vision for decades. This passion for their mission has kept them at the forefront of the market, maintaining a deep connection to their origins.

A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 1974 by Manfred F. Dyck, a classically trained chemist, Hydromer Inc. revolutionized the medical device industry with the invention and patent of modern feeding tubes. Dyck transformed the uncomfortable and invasive silicone models of the time by introducing lubricious, comfortable, and safer enteral feeding tubes made of hydrophilic coated polyurethane. This groundbreaking innovation set a new standard in healthcare and changed the industry forever.

Continued Excellence

Over the years, Hydromer has secured 400 more patents and developed over 90 proprietary hydrophilic formulations. Their commitment to innovation and quality has set a high bar for their competitors. The company's deep-rooted history and principles of integrity and quality continue to drive their operations.

Client-Centric Approach

Hydromer’s dedication to its clients is best summarized by CEO Mike Torti: “With a proven track record and many long-standing clients, we take immense pride in our work. We go the extra mile to be with our clients every step of the way. Their success is the cornerstone of our success. Their projects are our projects, their needs, our needs.”

This client-first approach, combined with their agility and efficiency, allows Hydromer to manage projects more quickly and cost-effectively than larger competitors. Their exceptional service is reflected in their impressive 98% repeat customer rate.

Looking Ahead

As Hydromer continues to lead in the medical device coatings industry, they remain committed to their foundational values and innovative spirit. Small but mighty, Hydromer Inc. proves that independent companies indeed provide superior service and maintain a leading edge in technology.

For more information about Hydromer Inc. and its innovative hydrophilic medical device coatings, visit Hydromer.com.

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