Humanely Train Your Dog To Heel With This Classic Correction Stick | Order Now

Aug 5, 2022

Teaching dogs to be obedient takes a firm hand, yes – but there’s no call for cruelty. The Avery Heeling Stick, available at, will be more than good enough. Get yours now!

Humanely Train Your Dog To Heel With This Classic Correction Stick | Order Now

When it comes to dog training, do as the professionals do. It starts with using tried-and-true equipment that still beats modern technology. Order your Avery Heeling Stick from today!

The product is described as the gold standard for dog trainers, allowing you to teach your hunting dog the essential commands of “heel” and “stay” in a humane, lasting manner.

Click now! offers the product alongside an expansive inventory of training equipment, environmental protection clothing, and specialist products that can help you to teach your dog valuable hunting skills. Additional supplies range from leads, kennels, and tracking collars to dummy launching technology and an informative selection of books and DVDs.

The dog training item retailer emphasizes that when it comes to command recognition, it’s hard to top classic equipment. As a longstanding traditional option for training dogs, heeling sticks are still seen by many as a better alternative to crueler modern devices such as shock collars and choke chains. When handled with precision, you’ll find the Avery Heeling Stick to be deftly effective.

You and your dog will benefit from the product’s 36-inch length, more than sufficient to bring your canine companion to heel from a comfortable distance. representatives state that the stick offers a balance between flex and rigidity that is conducive to successful obedience training.

Fashioned from polypropylene-wrapped fiberglass, the Avery Heeling Stick further features an ergonomic grip on the handle to make it even easier to wield. It is also accompanied by a wrist strap as an additional measure for your comfort.

To ensure that such products as the Avery Heeling Stick are used safely and correctly, also publishes regular blog posts designed to educate you on optimal training techniques and equipment handling methods.

As explained via the company’s official website: “Now you don’t have to give a hard correction to your dog – the Avery Heeling Stick is a training tool and not a tool for punishment. You should only give enough correction to change the action of your dog. With proper understanding of how to use it, the Avery Heeling Stick can be among the most effective tools you need for teaching your dog.”

Give your dog the advantage of top training equipment – head to to learn more about and the wide collection of products you’re looking for!

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