Human-Developed Content Marketing For Dentists: High-Visibility Campaigns

Jul 8, 2024

Most people are now using the internet to find dental services. Will they find your practice? Minty Fresh Media offers a unique content marketing service that builds your online visibility and reputation.

High-Quality Content On Famous Websites

To be effective, content marketing needs to be easy to find when some is searching, and it also needs to make a connection with audiences. Minty Fresh Media offers a team of professional writers who develop high-quality campaigns and publish on hundreds of trusted websites.

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Your dental practice can gain exposure on some of the most well-known news outlets, like Business Insider, AP, and Google News. You’ll also feature on a variety of other multimedia platforms, such as Google Podcasts, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare, and more.

By covering six major formats, Minty Fresh Media ensures that your dental practice gets seen where people are looking. By publishing on websites that people know and trust, the firm also tells potential patients that your dental practice is genuine.

“Very few agencies offer tailor-made content specifically for dentists, and even less offer distribution on some of the world’s most trusted websites,” a company representative explained. “Our team consists of experienced professional writers and developers, so we not only boost the digital presence of local dental clinics, but we also tell their story in a way that connects with potential clients.”

Getting Noticed By Google

Google states that it places an emphasis on promoting high-quality content that offers real value to platform users. As part of the most recent algorithm update, which went into effect in early May, Google advised that it was aiming to reduce AI-generate content in search results by up to 40%.

Minty Fresh Media explains that improving Google visibility is a key goal of the new content service, which is why the agency focuses on the production of content that is written by and for humans. The agency also offers daily, weekly, or monthly rolling campaigns, allowing you to target different services and/or locations for extra visibility.

About Minty Fresh Media

Headquartered in Mount Vernon, Washington, Minty Fresh Media now works on promoting dental practices across the US. The agency continues to foster new distribution partnerships, with additional capabilities expected in the near future.

“These content campaigns have catapulted our business to new heights,” one therapist recently stated. “We’ve gone from one bed that was only half booked to three beds that are operating at almost full capacity, and we’ve had to hire two additional therapists to meet the demand.”

Not all content marketing is effective. Minty Fresh Media offers a professional service that goes above and beyond anything else.

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