Huge Pop Art Fabric Wall Hangings Are Lightweight & Swappable For Seasonal Décor

May 30, 2023

Pop styles revolutionized the art industry, and they can transform your blank walls, too. Cultural icons, vibrant graffiti backdrops, and vintage looks rock the new pop art collection from online art retailer BIG Wall Décor.

Once upon a time, real art featured serious men wearing starched shirts, rows and rows of trees, or heavy abstract designs. It was formal, serious, and never, ever fun.

But then the pop art movement entered the scene, turning anything predictable on its head. And the art world would never be the same. Thankfully.

If a little whimsy could change the world of art, then a lot of whimsy certainly can transform your room. And that's just what the new pop art collection from BIG Wall Décor aims to do.

Visit to see or shop the collection.

The collection features an array of colorful, eye-catching pieces from emerging artists, who are paid each time you purchase their print. Black artist Nuwarhol juxtaposes caricatures of Black cultural icons with energetic, abstract designs. Wegs.Art creates nostalgic mashups of cartoon characters and vibrant doodles, while graffiti artist Seek One blends his high-quality photographic images with classic urban-style backdrops.

Pop art emerged in the 1950s as a reaction to stuffy ideas about what qualified as “real art.” The term is believed to be coined by Lawrence Alloway, a British critic and curator. He called it “popular” art since its depictions were recognized by the common man rather than the elite - depicting subjects and symbols from the world of sports, commercials, and movies.

At that time, “true art” consisted of abstract expressionism, traditional portraits, and ethereal landscapes created by “trained experts.” Pop art rejected these snobby, outdated ideas; replacing stiff portrayals and foggy forests with electric colors, cultural icons, and busy collages. Pop art remains relevant thanks to its accessibility, although many modern representations incorporate vintage and ironic elements.

Pop art selections from BIG Wall Décor’s shop are an easy way to fill an empty wall without taking the task too seriously. These real-world pieces, from the internet’s largest oversized art retailer, set the mood in a room without setting your guests and visitors on edge.

“Pop art is bold, fun, playful, and relatable,” a representative for the company explained. “The purpose of the pop wall décor movement was to blur the divide between high-class art connoisseurs and everyday people, so that everyone could feel connected to and enjoy stunning artwork.

The quirky prints from the collection won’t fall out of fashion anytime soon, so they can serve as a permanent focal point in your space. But BIG Wall Décor’s hangings are made from lightweight fabric, so they’re much easier to switch out than traditional canvas prints if you enjoy redecorating seasonally. Each design comes in several sizes and framing options - even frames that can be disassembled for easy transportation.

To view the pop art collection or other curated shops from BIG Wall Décor, you can visit

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