Huge Beach-Themed Wall Prints Create A Peaceful Mood In Home Office

May 30, 2023

Online art retailer BIG Wall Décor has a new collection of framed art prints inspired by the beach. Transform your empty walls into a calming oasis where you can trade your stress and worries for peace and relaxation.

Life's a beach, or so the saying goes.

Wouldn't it be nice if that were true? Nothing but clear skies, blue waves, and sugary sand.

Not everyone can live at the beach, but everyone can have a little slice of paradise on their wall, thanks to a curated collection from BIG Wall Décor. The online oversized art retailer's new shop features a healthy dose of vitamin sea to wash your walls with a peaceful coastal vibe.

Visit to see or shop the collection.

From tropical sunsets to rocky shores, the beach collection includes a wide range of designs from emerging artists. Photographer Deston Isas captures images of the classic California beachfront strip, while Jess Loiterton punctuates blue Hawaiian waves with pops of colorful surfboards. Artist Thomas Fotomas delivers looks that are slightly more abstract, featuring motion blurs that create an ethereal effect. Artists are paid each time you purchase one of their prints.

It's no secret that waterfront views are popular - coastal property is coveted and priced accordingly. And likewise, the beach has long been a favorite subject of artists, but science has only recently discovered why.

Research has shown that coastal spaces cause positive physiological changes in our bodies. Gazing at the sea causes our brain wave frequencies to drop, resulting in a peaceful, almost meditative state. Scientists have learned that the sound of ocean waves activates our parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing both body and mind. So perhaps it’s more than mythology that links shades of blue with calm, peace, and creativity.

Studies from both Japan and England have found that living near the coast boosts residents’ health and well-being, according to research from the South African College of Applied Psychology. And oversized beachy wall décor helps to create a tranquil oasis at the end of a stressful day. The soothing azure tones and neutral tans help to bring down the energy and channel the peace of the seashore.

Calming coastal artwork creates the peace humans crave year-round, so pieces from this collection can serve as an enduring focal point for your room, according to the company.

“Large beach art brings the breezy bliss you feel when you are laying out in the sand, toes in the water, soaking in the sunshine,” a company representative said. “Soft layered blues from water and waves are soothing and make your space feel natural and comfortable.”

But if you enjoy redecorating seasonally, BIG Wall Décor’s unique fabric prints are lightweight for you to change out easily. They’re available in multiple sizes, and the frames allow customers to switch images to match the mood or season.

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