How Video-First Inbound Content Marketing Helps Escondido Businesses

May 29, 2024

Escondido marketing agency Beacons Point offers an overview of video-first inbound content marketing – and how it helps businesses get more customers and deliver better value for their target audiences.

Video-first inbound marketing has the power to bring Escondido businesses closer to prospects while delivering better value - for everyone involved.

Beacons Point, a digital marketing agency based in Encinitas, CA, shares essential insights on why video is the best type of content for modern marketers:

A Growing Preference for Video Content

Consumers love video. In fact:

  • 91% of consumers express a desire to see more video content from brands.
  • 66% believe that short video clips, or "shorts," are the most engaging type of content on social media platforms.

That makes video an essential tool for brands that want to remain relevant and engaging.

Video-First Inbound Marketing: Multiple Levels Of Engagement

The inherent advantage of video is its ability to engage viewers on multiple levels. By integrating visuals, sound, and words, video captivates audiences more completely than other content forms. As put by a representative from Beacons Point, "Almost 90 percent of marketers leverage the power of video marketing. Evidence shows people have a stronger inclination towards visual and video content than written form, which also boosts your ROI.”

Video-First Inbound Marketing Is More Than Just Video

While video remains the cornerstone of this strategy, Beacons Point emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive inbound marketing solution that also incorporates:

  • Case Studies
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers

These content types work in synergy with video to educate potential customers, naturally guiding them to a position that favors conversion.

Working With Beacons Point: Expert Strategy for Every Business

Beacons Point collaborates with each client to develop an inbound marketing strategy tailored to their unique needs. This covers everything from audience research to brand positioning, and from developing captivating story arcs to the actual video production.

One satisfied client said: "Their ability to delve deep into our organization, understand our regional market and ideal profiles, and create a tailored marketing strategy was exceptional. Their Inbound Blueprint project not only met but exceeded our expectations!”

Interested in implementing inbound marketing in your overall strategy? Beacons Point is always ready to help. Go to to get started!

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