How To Write A Professional LinkedIn Summary: Identify Your Target Audience

Nov 30, 2023

Want to know the ingredients to a good LinkedIn summary? You’re in the right place! Check out the new guide from Linked Leads DFY for all the tips you need.

A strong LinkedIn summary can grab recruiters' attention from the get-go. But how do you get them excited about hiring you? Making a good first impression can be tricky from behind the mask of a computer screen… tricky but not impossible! You have around 300-500 words to create an engaging narrative that will hook recruiters’ attention. So don’t waffle on! This is all about concise and personable content – an elevator pitch as it were.

Officially launched in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to be the largest professional social network in the world. Each week, over 61 million people actively search for their next job role on LinkedIn, making it imperative for you to stand out from the crowd. Find out how to craft a professional, compelling profile summary that will keep you ahead of the competition in this new guide from Linked Leads DFY. That dream job will be yours in no time!

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According to the guide, the first step to creating a successful summary is to understand your intended audience. Content should be tailored accordingly to reflect your target industry, including relevant keywords that will help recruiters find you quickly. “Ultimately, the goal is to create a summary that captures attention and positions you as an ideal candidate for job openings,” the guide explains.

The experts at Linked Leads DFY also highlight the importance of showcasing professional skills and achievements in your LinkedIn summary. Remember to use language that reflects innovation and problem-solving, focusing on results rather than tasks. “Employers will be drawn to tangible evidence of your successes and appreciate any insight into how you overcame challenges along the way,” the experts say.

The guide delves into the importance of crafting a professional story that reflects your breadth of talent and experience. To make a personable first impression, your summary should showcase both your personality and professionalism, the experts explain. “Your introduction should be written in a voice that reflects who you are as an individual while still being professional. Ultimately, you need to find a balance between showcasing your professional accomplishments and making yourself appear attractive and appealing to prospective employers.”

Including links and contact information in your profile summary is another way to increase your networking opportunities and create a more comprehensive online presence. Clickable links allow recruiters to find out more about you, increasing the likelihood of recruitment success. No one wants to hire someone they know nothing about! Email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts and links to past projects are all listed as useful ways to boost your engagement and stand out from the crowd.

Make a good first impression with a high-quality summary. Attracting the attention of employers has never been so easy. Find out more about what makes a great LinkedIn summary at

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