How to Target Market as a Local Expert

Nov 26, 2020

Skilled providers can face similar challenges in how to effectively target market locally. Especially when they are trying to reach a select patient market. The new listing service, Experts in Aging, has officially begun. This service is a valuable resource to local skilled service providers to market and showcase their quality as professionals.

You may be in the position in your clinic and office of wearing many different hats: marketing representative, owner, and manager. Wearing these different hats takes time and great skill.

One thing you that likely brought you to this page is a real challenge for many today: how to target market effectively.

Experts In Aging (EIA) brings to your skilled service a unique resource to be listed through. This key component, much like the key that can be very helpful in figuring out the figures in modern maps, provides a well thought out means to promote services to the community and build an effective way to reach out to your new patients.

The 65 and older population, according to the 2019 U.S. Census released in June 2020, has grown rapidly to a staggering count of 13,787,044. This means a sizeable spending consumer base as high as 1 in 5 in states such as Maine, West Virginia, Florida, and Vermont.

To support healthy aging, this population has a support group that needs your attention when marketing. From seniors themselves to family which may be living with them or are separated by distance, and outside caregivers.

Please, you DO NOT need to despair. Effectively reaching this target market is NOT an insurmountable obstacle. Since so many rely on internet research today to find skilled providers, your consideration by diligent and through creative online channels needs to be measured to properly present the value and trustworthiness of your practice today.

Networking efficiently with your fellow competitors and other trusted providers is a proven strategy for encouraging momentum in building collaborative relationships. Also, partnering with and being listed by a trusted source can help you build a solid reputation within the community as a go-to provider.

This is where you as a key stakeholder in your practice would recognize the key advantage of this new listing service thru EIA. It provides a reliable platform offering a library of information to the senior community, their family, and caregivers.

Providers that apply are not automatically accepted into the program. They are reviewed by the EIA team and verified as trustworthy providers before acceptance into the EIA community.

After applying and becoming a member of this community, a provider’s business benefits from the combined resources of the EIA community: differentiate themselves from their competitors, placing themselves in front of potential customers at their time of need for service and in a trustworthy place of contact.

Program participation is open to quality providers thru the application process. Skilled providers help make the transformational impact goals of EIA possible.

For your application to be listed as a local expert, visit the EIA website at:

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