How to Start Online Freelancing Business to Make a 1000 per month With No Experience

Sep 21, 2021

there is one strategy that my friends, Alicia and Lorette have been teaching since the year 2010 that has blown me away! Alicia brings with her so much knowledge when it comes to online marketing, how to control your own financial future, how to become your own boss and earn unlimited income

The Freelancing Genius program is a group coaching program that provides students with ongoing training, tools and guidance on how to build an online business as a Freelancer through two different angles. The first angle is through using their own knowledge and servicing clients. The second angle is through “freelancing flipping”, where orders are placed and they hire an outsourced team to fulfill the services. Most students do a combination of both. 

This is an eye-opening, interactive, and action-packed presentation where attendees will leave with a new found outlook on how just about anyone can start a profitable online business and they don’t even have to fulfill the services themselves. 

The presentation is full of attendee participation and student success stories.

– The Freelancing Genius Program Enables Students to: 

– Start their own online business 

– Earn unlimited income in the growing niche of freelancing 

– Utilize their current skills to start earning

– Leverage knowledge and experience of others to earn 

– Eliminate long learning curves 

– Get ongoing group coaching and support 

– Have access to our rolodex of fulfillment providers

What You’ll learn On This Masterclass: 

SELECT WHAT TO OFFER ONLINE – something that will sell! … even if you don’t know what to offer or you don’t think your “good enough”— after this training your confidence will go through the roof!

 LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS IN RECORD TIME – Learn how to create your online business in just 1 day AND start earning right away, even if you’re just getting started online

GET OTHERS TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU – The strategy on how to build an agency and have others do the work for you – How Sonja, with only a 7th grade education, earns a FT income only working a few hours a day while others do the work for her! 

EARN FROM WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW – How to set up your online business with knowledge that you already have, therefore eliminating long learning curves and frustration tools.

Make sure you save your FREE seat and join us now:

For more information and to registrar for free access to the full masterclass video, interested people can visit the website –

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