How To Set Up Your Trezor Wallet & Software Suite To Secure Ethereum & Bitcoin

May 21, 2024

If you’re feeling confused about crypto and you want to make sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep your coins safe, head on over to The Crypto Merchant and read the latest guide to protecting Bitcoin and Ethereum with Trezor hardware!

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Why Trezor?

The Crypto Merchant recommends Trezor products for their robust security profile and user-friendly design. The Trezor One, first released over 10 years ago, stores coins offline – also known as cold storage – which, unlike software wallets or online exchanges, eliminates the threat of hackers accessing your crypto holdings. The Model T followed with expanded features such as a large touchscreen, and the latest Safe 3 comes with a Secure Element for added protection against software and hardware attacks.

Trezor Setup

The guide walks you through the setup process for Trezor's industry-leading hardware wallets, which work in conjunction with the Trezor Suite and the brand's latest release, the Trezor Safe 3. You can purchase all of these products, alongside other hardware devices and backup tools from other leading brands like Ledger, via The Crypto Merchant web store.

Setup is easy. You simply plug your Model T into a laptop with the provided USB cable before downloading Trezor Suite, which gives you an overview of your crypto portfolio. You can select which currency you wish to use, with each one having its own wallet, accounts, and addresses. A settings tab means you can choose what fiat currency to display, manage security by setting PINs and passcodes, and disable chosen coins. And, of course, you can send, receive, and trade crypto using the suite.

Secure Your Seed Phrase

As with all crypto storage solutions, the seed phrase is essential to asset recovery in the event of a device being lost, stolen, or compromised in any way. Trezor devices, the guide explains, will generate this seed phrase for you, which you must write down and store somewhere safe. Recovery backup plates are designed for this purpose, with products like Billfodl also available for purchase via The Crypto Merchant.

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The company has become a trusted source of high-quality crypto accessories and resources since its inception in 2017. Founded by a group of early crypto adopters, investors, coders, and miners, The Crypto Merchant helps keep you informed and your assets secure.

A spokesperson says, “Buying a hardware wallet is the first step in any serious crypto enthusiast's journey, and we’re here for you from the moment you begin your search. Our team of USA-based blockchain tech experts is obsessed with optimizing digital security and loves crypto just like you.”

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