How To Set Up Your KeepKey Hardware Wallet: Guide To Compatible Software

Feb 28, 2024

If you’re the proud owner of a new KeepKey hardware wallet, you will want to make sure you set it up correctly. Find out how with this step-by-step guide from The Crypto Merchant.

KeepKey is fast becoming one of the most popular brands on the crypto scene - and for good reason. If you’re curious about how this hardware wallet works, then check out this guide from The Crypto Merchant

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Confused by crypto? You and me both. The crypto world is full of strange lingo!

What is this 'mining' you speak of? Are we off digging for gold?

Did you say 'stablecoins'? Do I need a horse to buy those?

With its step-by-step guide to setting up a KeepKey hardware wallet, The Crypto Merchant makes it easy! And what's more - there's no confusing terminology in sight.

Unparalleled Offline Security

According to research by Chainalysis, 2023 saw a distinct drop in cryptocurrency-related crime, down 65% from the previous year. This is partly due to crypto owners boosting their security measures with cold storage options such as the KeepKey hardware wallet. As such, The Crypto Merchant’s guide is written to provide clear guidance on how to set up your KeepKey wallet to provide the ultimate protection.

Recommended for its wide-ranging compatibility with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more, the KeepKey wallet is one of the most popular brands on the market. “KeepKey provides a strong and convenient route to the safe offline custody of cryptocurrencies, reducing the risks associated with online wallets and exchanges,” the guide states.

For a retailer you can trust, choose The Crypto Merchant!

When purchasing your KeepKey hardware wallet, it is crucial to use a trusted, reliable store. Don't forget to check the packaging for any evidence of tampering before opening your product; it is not unusual to find that hardware wallets have been tampered with by scammers before being sold to unsuspecting users. For this reason, The Crypto Merchant sources all its hardware wallets directly from brand partner factories to ensure 100% security and authenticity.

Setting Up KeepKey Software

Using the provided cable, all you need to do is connect your KeepKey wallet to your computer, making sure to download the appropriate compatible software. This software guides you through the entire setup process, with easy-to-follow instructions. Remember to choose a strong PIN to ensure maximum security!

The Crypto Merchant also stresses the importance of downloading your designated recovery words administered during the setup process. These words should be written down on the provided card and stored away safely in case the KeepKey wallet is ever lost or stolen. Just don't forget where you put them!

Finally, the guide recommends storing your KeepKey wallet away from extreme temperatures to ensure the product’s longevity. Protective cases are also useful to protect your hardware wallet from bumps and scratches.

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