How To Set Up Self-Watering Planters: Expert Garden Care Guide For Seniors

Feb 14, 2024

Are you finding the physical demands of gardening a challenge? Then check out this guide to self-watering planters from Better Living Magazine!

As we get older, the physical demands of life get harder, not to mention the cognitive demands of remembering all those daily to-dos. On the days you do remember to water your beloved plants, the physical strain of doing so may be getting in the way. Thankfully, Better Living Magazine has the answer with self-watering planters. These game-changing devices allow you to nurture your plants with minimal physical effort. Now, doesn't that sound good!

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The guide addresses the physical demands of traditional gardening on seniors, recommending self-watering planters as a way to minimize the need for frequent bending and lifting. The article is part of Better Living Magazine’s popular ‘seniors’ blog series, offering tips for simplified, accessible gardening.

So how do they work?

As explained in the guide, self-watering planters use a sub-irrigation system to deliver stored water directly to the roots of the plant. This means that plants receive a steady moisture supply, removing the need for daily watering.

What are the benefits of self-watering planters?

The benefits of this system for senior gardeners are numerous. “Gardening should be a source of relaxation, not stress,” says the guide. “With self-watering planters, the guesswork of when and how much to water is taken out of the equation. This is especially helpful for seniors who want to enjoy gardening without the constant upkeep.” Your plants will never go thirsty again!

Another benefit of self-watering planters for senior gardeners is their adaptability. You can choose planters to suit your mobility level with easy-to-read water level indicators and accessible refill points - with a range of heights and designs available. With this in mind, the guide moves on to advise on garden design, encouraging you to consider the height and placement of planters for easy accessibility.

Alongside tips for designing a comfortable garden space, you can also find information on what to look for when purchasing user-friendly self-watering planters. Make sure you look for planters with durable stands, easy-to-read water level indicators and simple mechanisms to make the refill process as easy as possible. Your gardening game is about to level up and those plants will thank you for it.

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Better Living Magazine is founded by, horticultural expert, Emily Grace. Her mission is to share the therapeutic benefits of gardening with as many readers as possible to create a community of like-minded individuals who share the joy of nurturing green life.

Watered plants are happy plants. Keep yours smiling by investing in a self-watering planter. To find out more, head over to

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