How To Set Up An Urban Smart Greenhouse Using IoT: Guide For Beginners

Feb 23, 2024

Fed up with your plants dying on you? Find out how to make your urban greenhouse smart using IoT technology in this beginner’s guide from Cultivate Nation.

Is monitoring the plants in your greenhouse becoming a full-time job? With so many things to check, keeping your plants alive can be incredibly time-consuming. 

  • Water level – check 
  • Temperature – check
  • Humidity – check 
  • Air quality – check 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could do this for you? It’s time to think SMART. Using the latest IoT technology, you can set up an automated monitoring system that does it all for you – your own personal gardener if you will. Cultivate Nation explains how you can set up your own urban smart greenhouse to keep your plants alive and kicking!

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The guide delves into the rise of technology in modern agriculture and how it can be used to enhance plant growth and reduce the carbon footprint. Sharing tips to avoid common pitfalls, Cultivate Nation is here to help you create an IoT-based greenhouse that will thrive.

Cultivate Nation: Growing with IoT

The latest piece makes up part of Cultivate Nation’s popular agriculture blog series, written with the aim of making technology accessible to urban farmers and greenhouse growers alike. Understanding that IoT can significantly aid greenhouse control, author, Seth Johnson, explains how utilizing an automated monitoring system can simplify and improve your plants' growth.

“Sensors can track growth rates, nutrient uptake, and how well your plants are photosynthesizing.,” he says. “This data helps you make informed decisions about how to care for your plants and can even alert you to problems before they become visible to the naked eye.”

The role of IoT in a smart greenhouse

As explained in the guide, IoT greenhouse sensors help monitor environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, light levels and soil moisture. This data is sent directly to your smartphone via an app, alerting you to any problems that need attending. With this information, you can cater to the specific needs of your plants in real time, ensuring that they are growing healthily in optimal conditions.

Considerations when planning an urban greenhouse

The guide also provides tips for the planning and design of an urban greenhouse, citing location, foundation and orientation as three main considerations. If you are short on space, Seth Johnson recommends incorporating vertical gardening into your greenhouse design. Trellises, wall planters and hanging baskets can maximize space while helping regulate temperature by providing shade and insulation.

Plant selection should also be considered carefully when setting up your urban greenhouse, explains Seth. To ensure plants thrive, you should choose those known for their resilience and adaptability. “Herbs like basil and cilantro, greens like lettuce and spinach, and vegetables like tomatoes and peppers often do well in urban greenhouse conditions."

Your gardening game is about to level up. Reap the benefits of an urban smart greenhouse by visiting today.

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