How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023: An Insider’s Guide to Self-Publishing

Jul 21, 2023

Toni Kononova, the CEO of a publishing company ‘Write My Wrongs Co”, recently published her own book “How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023”, available through Amazon. More information is available at the website:

Toni Kononova, the CEO of 'Write My Wrongs Co', a publishing company, is launching her brand new book, "How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023". The book is set to go live July 20, available through Amazon and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the first-time authors and aspiring writers world.

More information on the book can be found here:

This is the first book Kononova has authored. The book was written with the aim to help first-time authors navigate the ever-evolving landscape of self-publishing. There's particular excitement about this launch because Toni runs a self-publishing company but had never authored a book before.

Toni Kononova has a background in technology, with a 10-year tenure at Google. This shaped the creation of the book where Toni blends captivating storytelling with cutting-edge technical concepts.

'How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023' describes a clear 7-step plan for getting one's manuscript from an idea to a bestseller. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the techniques of using generative AI in conjunction with human edits - something very timely considering the threat many authors see in ChatGPT and the likes. 'How to Publish a Bestseller in 2023' is being released by 'Write My Wrongs Co', the publishing company Kononova runs. In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking her editing team for their part in the creation of the book.

When asked about why she wrote the book, Kononova said: "After helping over 600 authors to publish their books, I witnessed a recurring pattern of common problems and mistakes plaguing first-time writers. I knew there was a need for a comprehensive guide in the literary realm. " Kononova has hopes that the book will become a bestseller, as its name suggests.

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here:

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