How To Overcome Infidelity In A Christian Marriage: A Personal Story To Inspire Your Journey

Oct 3, 2016

Discover the deeply personal, powerful and inspirational story of the journey to marriage healing and restoration after an affair through the love and mercy of God, told with all the harsh truths, realities and insights learned along the way to guide and inspire you in your own path towards restoration and deeper connection with each other.

The authors Tim and Lisa Wright announced the release of their new book entitled “The Father’s Heart for Marriage”, a deeply personal, inspirational and hopeful look at how faith and the love and mercy of God healed and restored their marriage. More information is available at The “Father’s Heart for Marriage” was authored and released by Tim and Lisa Wright, a devout couple serving in multiple Christian ministries and coaching on the World Race through Adventures in Missions, to provide hope, inspiration and encouragement for fellow believing couples in their journey to heal or restore their marriage and deepen their connection. The newly released book shares the Tim and Lisa’s journey from a broken and hopeless marriage after an affair to restoration, healing and fulfillment through the love and mercy of the Father, including all the valuable, honest and difficult details, insights, truths and lessons they learned along the way. The book is presented as a conversation between the couple as they recount their difficult journey with the harsh realities of real life and details the steps needed for deep and personal inner healing in their relationships with themselves, their faith and each other, without any simple fixes or instant solutions. More information on “The Father’s Heart for Marriage”, available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions, along with multiple testimonials or details on the authors Tim and Lisa Wright, their new book releases or their ‘The Father’s Heart for Marriage’ podcast and their ministry activities can be consulted on their website at the link provided above or at The authors’ Tim and Lisa Wright explain that “our book is about how God redeemed and restored our marriage. It is a herald of hope for any marriage that is struggling to survive or for couple who want to grow deeper in their intimacy and connection with each other. It is also ultimately a testimony of the Lord’s goodness, faithfulness and mercy to us as his children”. The founders of Love After Marriage and Nothing Hidden Ministries, Barry and Lori Byrne, add that “The Father’s Hear for Marriage paints a picture that leads us down the path where deep intimacy is offered as a real possibility for our marriages no matter where we’ve been before. Shame can be obliterated, identity can be recovered and full reconciliation can be realized”
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