How To Label Moving Boxes To Avoid Damage & Loss: Use A Colour-Coded System

Dec 6, 2023 gives you the best tips for labeling your packing boxes to ensure your home move runs smoothly.

Packing up all your belongings is a monumental task but what's worse is having to unpack everything again on the other side. So, you might be tempted to rush this job, chucking everything you find into the nearest box. It’s only going to come straight back out again later, right? Wrong! Failure to label your boxes will result in hours of wasted time, hunting down the necessities.

Where’s the toilet roll?

Has anyone found the toothpaste yet?

Not to mention the screwdriver you desperately need to get your hands on to put your bed frame back together…  What box did I throw that into? Your guess is as good as mine. 

The helpful guide from provides practical guidance on the best ways to label your packing boxes for a stress-free, seamless home move. By following the advice outlined in the guide, you can make sure that everyone stays informed about what's in each box. Need toothpaste? No problem!

Why You Should Label Your Boxes

According to, labeling boxes can save you a lot of time when unloading at your new property. How else will your professional movers know where to put each box in your new home?

Labeling also helps movers identify which boxes contain fragile items and, therefore, need to be treated with more care. “Your movers will know to be especially careful when handling these boxes and to not put heavier boxes on top of them,” explains the guide.

According to, the best time to label your moving boxes is straight after filling so that the contents inside aren’t forgotten. Packing, sealing and labeling your moving boxes in a logical sequence helps you to keep track of items and remember what's inside.

The guide lists common labels to help a house move run smoothly, listing room, contents and fragility as three of the most beneficial for clear identification. The experts also suggest the label ‘Pack Last’ for any boxes that homeowners will need access to straight away, meaning these will loaded onto the van last at the old property and offloaded first at the new one.

The report also provides advice on the best markers to use when labeling your moving boxes. recommends using smudge-free, water-proof markers in dark, bold colors and labeling both the top and sides of each box to ensure that labels can always be seen.

Finally, the guide explains how to utilize a color-coded system when labeling moving boxes for easy identification. “Color coding is a great and easy way to label and organize your boxes,” states the guide. “When labeling boxes using colors, pick one color per destination room and maintain consistency throughout the labeling task.”

Future you will be so grateful that you labeled all those boxes! When you need a cup of tea after the hard work of moving, you will know exactly which box you need. Check out the full guide to labeling packing boxes for a stress-free move!

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