How To Hire A Public Adjuster Near You To Fight Unfair Underpayments And Claim Denials

Aug 30, 2016

Get the money you deserve from your insurance company and don’t be one of the many getting on average 70% less than they should from their damage claim payouts without even knowing so, by hiring a public adjuster to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

The highly popular public adjusting specialist ClaimsMate has announced an expansion of its services to provide San Antonio business and homeowners with leading and professional assistance to avoid unfair denial and underpayments in their damage insurance claims.

More information is available at

The ClaimsMate is a highly popular company specializing on public adjusting and one of the nation’s most trusted provider of private adjusters working directly with the insurance companies on behalf of home and business owners to ensure they get the correct amount of money for damages suffered with minimum hassle.

The company announced an expansion of its popular Public Adjuster Services to help residential or commercial property owners in San Antonio dealing with damages caused by the recent hail and wind storms or water pipe bursts, fire, and more, effectively protect their interests and avoid unfair denial or underpayment of their insurance damage claims.

The ClaimsMate public insurance adjusting services provide home or business owners with specialized public adjusters for their specific needs and work directly with the insurance companies and handle every step of the claim on behalf of the client/policyholder or review an original hail or wind damage settlement and reopen it within the 24 month legal period to negotiate proper compensation.

Free estimates, policy reviews and access to committed public adjusters in San Antonio along with information on the public insurance adjusting process and the proven benefits for home or business owners can be requested at 210-880-3211 and through the website link provided above or at

ClaimsMate explains that “San Antonio was hit by two historic hail storms within two weeks in April of this year. Damage repair calculations have now exceeded two billion dollars and estimations are calculated directly by the insurance companies. The problem with this is that we are seeing the insurance companies undercut the damage repair claim payout by 70% on average”.

The company adds that “public adjusters are insurance claims adjusters who work for the policyholder rather than an insurance company and they have a different agenda altogether. Our first priority is to be the expert on the homeowners’ policy to ensure the claim is handled properly and paid. At ClaimsMate, we make it easy for San Antonio homeowners and business owners to find an insurance specialist who will work for them so they know they will be getting the most out of their insurance policy”.

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