How to Flip the Disadvantage of Addiction – Benefits of Gratitude

Mar 13, 2017

In this episode of Recovery ReLOVution, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why practicing appreciation is so important. There is tremendous value in expressing appreciation … regularly. Recovery Stakeholders are living through a challenging situation that probably has them questioning what they could possibly find to appreciate with regularity. But this is the time they need to practice it the most.

In the latest episode of Recovery ReLOVution, the show’s host, Dr. Gala Gorman, discusses the many benefits of practicing appreciation. There is a difference between gratitude and appreciation. Appreciation is without expectations or exchange. There are huge benefits to practicing with regularity.

In this episode, listeners will:

-Learn why appreciation is a beneficial practice

-Appreciate the positives in their lives, big and small

-Interrupt negative thinking cycles with appreciation and move past negative emotions

As Gorman explains, “There is tremendous value in expressing appreciation … especially when practiced with regularity. If the world as a Recovery Stakeholder is just too stressful to find things to appreciate, there’s an even greater need to practice.”

But what is appreciation, and how is it different than gratitude? Appreciation is a really pure state that doesn’t require an exchange the way gratitude does. With gratitude, there is typically some expectation of an exchange. Appreciation is just observing what is and having appreciation for it. Starting with small steps and incorporating appreciation into your daily routine is powerful on its own.

The Recovery ReLOVution show was created with the aim in mind to help family and friends of addicts restore peace and sanity to their world. Listeners now have an alternative to doing the same thing expecting a different result … the definition of insanity.

The show urges listeners to stretch themselves. The show’s tagline reflects this. Love the Addict. Outsmart the Addiction. Listeners, primarily Recovery Stakeholders, will likely find a particular interest since it’s difficult to avoid shaming their addict loved one.

When asked why she created the show, Gorman said, “Shaming just adds fuel to addiction’s fire. There is an alternative.”

The show’s host, Dr. Gala Gorman, is a holistic life coach and minister. She is the author of the Spiritual Approach TM Series of books focused on practical spirituality. As an entrepreneur … mediator, publisher and, formerly, accounting firm partner, her experiences helped shape the creation of the show. As a change facilitator, she ignites transformation in businesses, families, students, clients and, especially, within herself.

Gorman has hopes that the show will help Recovery Stakeholders learn to set and hold effective boundaries to ignite positive change … in themselves and their loved one who is struggling with addiction.

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