How To Find A Reputable Moving Company: Tips On Quotes, Red Flags To Avoid Scams

Jun 18, 2024

Preparing to move houses and searching for the right company to help you relocate? Check out Move Me Smart’s new guide to finding the best moving companies.

While a good moving company can ensure a move goes smoothly, hiring the wrong mover can cause significant stress and leave you vulnerable to scams. To help you find the best moving company, the new guide from Move Me Smart provides tips on what to look for when choosing a company alongside several red flags that should be handled with caution.

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How To Start Your Search

When searching for a moving company, the guide suggests you begin by making a list of services you expect the company to provide to help narrow down the search.

You should then create a detailed inventory of your belongings requiring transport as this will help a potential moving company to generate a more accurate quote.

Licensing For Legal Operation

The next step is confirming a company has the correct licensing to operate legally. Any credible interstate moving company should be able to provide a valid USDOT number, a unique license number issued by the US Department of Transport.

For local moves, the company should have a license that is valid for the state they are operating in.

The Importance Of Reviews

You should also check a potential company’s online reviews and their rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Look for recurring themes in the reviews as both positive and negative feedback is likely accurate when noted by multiple customers.

Obtaining Quotes

When obtaining quotes, you should prioritize companies that provide in-house estimates as these are typically more accurate than quotes given over the phone.

Companies that provide a vague quote with limited justification should be avoided as any reputable company should be able to provide a detailed cost breakdown.

Avoiding Common Scams

The guide also suggests you exercise caution when selecting a company as there are numerous common scams within the industry. Companies providing quotes before viewing and assessing your belongings and those requesting upfront payment should be treated with suspicion as these can be warning signs for a potential scam.

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