How To Choose The Right Installer For A Standby Generator – Home & Office With This Report

Jan 9, 2017

Choose the right installer for your new standby generator system by reading the new report launched by Buckeye Power Systems, the Tennessee-based online retailer of standby generators. You can also call Buckeye Power Systems for tips on selecting the right standby generator. The firm also offers additional discounts with telephone orders, free shipping, and no sales tax (except in Tennessee).

A new report has been launched by Buckeye Power Systems, the Tennessee-based online seller of standby generators for the home or office space, featuring the full line of generators from Generac Power Systems and Cummins Power Generation. Located in the Memphis suburb of Cordova, the company is also available for installation pricing within a 50 mile radius of Memphis through its sister company, Benchmark Electric, LLC.

More information can be found at:

On the Buckeye Power Systems website, interested parties can browse through the different standby generators available, and see featured generators like the best-selling Cummins RS20A Air-Cooled Standby Generator, as well as the popular Cummins RS30 liquid-cooled generator featuring a 2.4L 1800 RPM Cummins engine for quiet, reliable performance. Clicking on any item will bring up a full description so people can learn more before they buy. Interested buyers are encouraged to call for additional discount offers on the model selected.

The new report focuses on key factors to consider when shopping for a new standby generator, whether they are looking for a residential or commercial model. The report offers tips on selecting a qualified installer.

The report explains that choosing a qualified electrician to install the generator is more involved than simply comparing quotes. David Richey, president of Buckeye Power Systems, said, "Homeowners need to look for an installer with good experience installing standby generators." The generator expert suggested people give weight to the level of hands-on experience a potential installer has with standby generators.

"We've witnessed a number of installation debacles by inexperienced technicians that we've been asked to correct," Richey said and added, "Homeowners can eliminate headaches and potential cost overruns by choosing a professional installation from an experienced installer."

The report closes by pointing out the easiest way to ensure a good generator installation is hiring a factory authorized dealer. Factory-authorized dealers receive initial and recurrent factory training on the installation, servicing and repair of systems they work with, so customers should expect a skilled installer trained to implement factory-recommended best practices. Dealers also have access to tech support hotlines and parts while other contractors do not.

Buckeye Power Systems is a factory-authorized dealer for Generac Power Systems and is also a top-selling dealer for Cummins Power Generation line of home and commercial standby generators. The firm is available to customers throughout the continental United States for free, over-the telephone tips on selecting the right standby generator for the home or work place. Every generator model on the website is eligible for additional discounting when placing orders by telephone. As well, the firm includes free shipping and no sales tax (except in Tennessee) on all generator orders. Interested parties can reach Buckeye Power Systems by calling 901-379-8097.

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