How to begin your real estate investing journey

Feb 6, 2024

Today affordable education has become more important to students due to spiking University education in North America. Check out 7 day trial:

Renatus, LLC is a great investment if compared to FortuneBuilders, Inc. They offer a 7 day test drive to their education, Free guest invitations to feel the education and discussions online held daily if not weekly. This is going be of real benefit to all new students, business owners, real estate agents, brokers, loan Officers. They truly offer a nationwide real estate community, 1-1 coaching, online trainings, and bi-weekly property walkthroughs.

More information can be discovered at

The Essentials Learning Path was designed to provide an affordable, efficient and convenient method for learning the essential topics in real estate investing. This course teaches the concepts and mechanics of real estate investment transactions from acquisition to exit in a self-paced, online learning environment.

Renatus offers the flexibility to learn in several ways. Video classroom is available online at any time. Or download the MP3s from the audio library. As an added benefit students may participate in live class filming as a part of the studio audience when Essentials classes are updated.

In Real Estate Education Programs, no other company has resolved to make a strong push to a 7 day test drive and offer Transparency, Value, and Learning Pace, and establish itself as the go-to choice for YouTubers, students, employees, online entrepreneurs searching for real estate community, real estate experience from instructors. Gurus like FortuneBuilders, Inc charge too much and is more for investors who have the big buck from the go.

Bob Snyder CEO and Founder of Renatus at Renatus, LLC, says: “

Renatus, LLC has always made a point of trying to do things better than other Real Estate Investing Education Programs online for the sake of the customer. This development is just one of the many ways it manages to do.

This is a great chance for new investors to be part of a real estate community, coaching program with instructors teaching online and property tours and is accessible to Canadians too. Most of it's education can be used in United States, and Canada and building partnerships worldwide if not nationwide.

“Renatus, LLC mission is to empower one million entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially empowered." .”

Check Out this link for the 7 day trial at USD 50.00 at

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