How To Avoid Cluttered Brand Logos With Clashing Colors & Chaotic Typography

May 26, 2023

Are you having trouble creating a logo for your business that is both eye-catching and memorable? Then try and get some inspiration from LO:LA’s new guide!

Logos—whether it's a sports team, a band, or a business, they are often more recognizable than any players, musicians, or products. That's why LO:LA wants to help you make logos that people will remember for years to come.

Their new guide shares things your business should avoid to create eye-catching, memorable, and lasting logos that will help grow your brand and attract customers. It considers all stages of the logo creation process, from market research to design and dissemination.

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A recent study by Zippia found that 75% of consumers could recognize a brand by its logo alone, making the logo the most important identifier your brand has. When asked what makes logos memorable, respondents mentioned simple colors, distinct fonts, and easily identifiable symbols.

The first thing LO:LA recommends your business avoid is misunderstanding its target audience. You need to know what your customers’ interests, wants, and needs are so that you can incorporate them into the logo and make it more emotionally resonant and engaging. To do this, you can conduct market research, analyze competitors, and study demographics.

Your business also needs to refrain from designing a logo that has chaotic and clashing design elements. These can include illegible fonts, inconsistently sized emblems, and jarring color combinations. When in doubt, the guide suggests you air on the side of concision, effectiveness, and simplicity, using the fewest elements possible but in powerful and compelling ways.

Lastly, LO:LA reminds your business to be original and unique. By copying what other brands are doing you not only risk alienating your customer base but also open yourself up to fines and legal action that could seriously impede your business's growth.

“When creating a logo for your business, it is essential to think ahead,” said a spokesperson for the company. “A logo should capture the essence of what your business is today but still reflect where it can go in the future. Failing to consider the future can result in a logo that needs to be redesigned or updated more often than necessary.”

To help your business with designing its logo, LO:LA has a team of artistically-inclined marketing experts available to assist. They will help you learn more about your audience, determine your goals and objectives, establish your brand's story and identity, and ultimately create the logo that will represent all of it.

As part of their services, LO:LA has helped several businesses either create logos from scratch or refresh their existing logos. Recent examples include joyfull, Complice, West Basin, goodcook, Sprockets, GRRRL Clothing, and The Creative Coalition.

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