How To Automate Repetitive Business Workflow Tasks Using SOP Software

Feb 21, 2024

Struggling to keep track of your employees’ workflow? You need a better system! Check out Flowster – a process management tool that lets you automate tasks in minutes!

Still using emails to manage your team's workflow? 1990 called - they'd like their business process back! Modern times call for modern measures, and Flowster makes monitoring your team easier than ever.

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What is Flowster?

With Flowster, you can automate repetitive tasks, improve your workflow processes and ensure standardization across your business. Not only does this help scale your company, but it also provides clarity to your employees, leading to brand consistency, improved productivity and reduced errors. Confused, unproductive employees will be a thing of the past - along with your 90s workflow email system!

So how does it work?

Using the Flowster platform, you can create process templates faster than a speeding bullet (well not quite, but, trust me, it's fast). These are customizable, allowing you to add as many steps as you like, with detailed instructions and due dates. Using this same system, you can track your employees' progress, removing the need for separate tracking systems such as email or Slack.

Furthermore, the system’s conditional logic feature enables you to create dynamic workflows using ‘if/then’ criteria. This means that your employees will only view the workflow tasks that apply to them, based on work that has already been carried out. “Sometimes, some of the steps just don’t apply - and in these cases, there is no need for your team to see work they don’t have to perform,” explains Flowster.

Customizable Templates

Workflow templates can be customized to include a variety of content forms including images, videos, URLs and email links. But that's not all. Flowster also allows you to collect and store information directly within the SOP, where it can be easily accessed by other team members. This data can be inputted manually, or sent directly to the Flowster system through third-party apps.

With a large library of pre-made templates, you can set up standard operation procedures (SOPs) with ease, freeing up your time to work on other areas of the business. Similarly, the system allows for scheduled recurring workflows, ensuring that important business processes, such as annual reviews and weekly staff meetings are never forgotten.

A satisfied customer said: “The SOPs are amazing. They are detailed and comprehensive but can still be tailored to your specific needs. It gives anyone (new or experienced) an outstanding foundation to either build from or incorporate into their existing business. Bottom line, if you want something to help you with workflow management - this is it.”

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