How To Achieve A Finnish Luxury Sauna Experience At Home 2-Person Custom Built

Jul 26, 2021

South London Homeowners with limited space can now achieve exclusivity at home with a luxury 2-person ensuite sauna. Saunanord’s latest article covers the benefits of a Custom Built Finnish Ensuite 2-person Sauna. View the article at:

Saunanord has published a new article entitled How To Get A Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience – Bespoke Luxurious Home Meditative Oasis Space, which sheds light on the most important aspects of a luxury custom built traditional Finnish ensuite 2-person sauna.

Providing South London Homeowners with limited indoor space a perfect private haven designed to blend into its surrounding environment. Areas covered Greenwich, Dulwich, Fulham and surrounding boroughs. For more information or to view the article please visit:

The article looks at the spread of Covid-19 and its ongoing effects over the last 18 months or more and how this has had an immense impact on physical and mental health worldwide. Covid-19 has given people the opportunity to reflect on the work, life balance or lack of and the 24/7 lifestyle that creates ongoing stress, the “silent killer.”

Stress doesn’t kill but studies have shown short-term stress boosts the immune system, whilst chronic long-term stress can have a detrimental effect on the immune system, increasing the risks of serious health issues. Covid-19 looks like it will be with us for a while and so the stress along with it.

The main remedy for stress is self care, the food you eat, your environments, the exercise you take do and the precious time you spend relaxing, all are integral to personal health and well-being. 

A custom built indoor 2-person ensuite Finnish sauna is the ultimate indulgent luxury. Comfort, relaxation and stress relief of both mind and body, in your own home, ready whenever you are. A chance for a few moments of peace to just switch off.

Along with the quiet “me time”, regular sauna bathing may also help:

Promote sleep

Relieve pain

Ease muscle tension

Clear congestion

Lower blood pressure

Built to suit your needs a small unused area can be turned into a useful, personal, luxury haven.

The process couldn’t be easier. In the consultation stage you’ll discuss the design and set up, choices around the type of grade A FSC timbers used for the atmosphere you want to create, the most suitable Finnish CE marked heaters for the area, an array of lighting options specifically designed for the heat and moisture within the sauna space and the accessories even down to the type of temperature gauge.

It’s not all about aesthetics though, the correct type of insulation needs to be installed and the ventilation plays a vital role in stopping the build up of condensation within your sauna space and the potential for bacteria, mould or wood rot.

This is all discussed with consultants knowledgeable in traditional Finnish sauna rituals and who use innovative cutting-edge design techniques and engineering. Their planning and expertise will ensure your indoor 2-person ensuite sauna is specifically tailored to the available space and set up correctly to create the steamy lőyly climate of the sauna.

​If you are interested in improving your environment or health and well-being, this is one way of finding the perfect solution for both. If you are going to splurge on wellness why not do so with your own traditional indoor luxury ensuite sauna.

Saunanord now welcomes comments and questions from readers and would love to know how you find your new private haven.

Anyone who has specific questions about a past, present, or future articles can contact Saunanord via their website at:

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